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  • What are secure buildings? Why are they important?
  • How can SCIFs contribute towards safeguarding IP, preventing data leakage, & creating a secure environment to conduct business?
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Theft of intellectual property (IP) Cybercrime and hacking are significant threats to commercial organisations in today's digital age, carrying serious financial, operational, and reputational consequences. To address these risks, companies must invest in robust cybersecurity measures, including firewalls, intrusion detection systems, encryption, employee training, and incident response plans. Regular security audits and vulnerability assessments are essential to identify weaknesses in their defences. Staying informed about emerging threats and complying with relevant data protection and cybersecurity regulations is crucial.

Secure Buildings, such as Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIFs), play a pivotal role in preventing theft of IP, cybercrime, and hacking. SCIFs are highly secure areas within buildings designed to safeguard sensitive and classified information.

While traditionally used by governmental organisations, the robust security measures and protocols employed within a SCIF can serve as a model for safeguarding sensitive commercial information and an increasing number of private sector companies, especially those in Defence, Financial, Telecoms and Data Centre sectors, are deploying SCIFs to protect their commercially sensitive information, including intellectual property, data, financial and operational details.

Here's how a SCIF building can contribute to safeguarding IP, prevent data leakage, and create a secure environment to conduct business:

Physical Security:

SCIFs are constructed with reinforced walls, ceilings, and floors that are resistant to forced entry and eavesdropping. This physical security barrier prevents unauthorised access to sensitive information, including proprietary IP.

Access Control:

SCIFs employ strict access control measures, including biometric authentication, card readers, and security personnel. Only individuals with the proper clearances and a need-to-know are allowed entry, reducing the risk of unauthorised access and IP theft.

Secure Communication:

SCIFs are equipped with secure communication systems that prevent eavesdropping on conversations and data transmissions, protecting sensitive information from being intercepted.

Protection Against Electronic Surveillance:

SCIFs incorporate measures to protect against electronic surveillance, including RF shielding, acoustic dampening, and TEMPEST (Technical Surveillance Countermeasures) standards compliance. These measures help prevent unauthorised collection of data, including IP, through electronic means.

Secure Storage:

SCIFs typically have secure storage facilities, such as safes and secure file cabinets, where sensitive documents and data are stored when not in use. This minimises the risk of physical theft of IP.

Personnel Security:

Extensive background checks and security clearances are required for personnel working in or accessing SCIFs, reducing the risk of insider threats that could lead to IP theft.

Visitor Controls:

Visitors to a SCIF are closely monitored and escorted to ensure they do not gain unauthorised access to sensitive information, including IP.

Strict Policies and Procedures:

SCIFs operate under strict security policies and procedures that mandate how sensitive information is handled, shared, and destroyed. This helps ensure that IP is properly protected at all times.

Surveillance and Monitoring:

SCIFs are equipped with surveillance cameras and security personnel who monitor activities within the facility to detect any suspicious behaviour or security breaches.

Secure Disposal:

SCIFs have procedures for the secure disposal of sensitive documents and electronic media to prevent unauthorised retrieval of discarded information.


Multi-Layer Information Protection

Our SecureCube® Secure Buildings & Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility SCIF buildings offer Multi-Layer Information Protection for its internal systems & occupants offering:

RF Secure ….Full RF Protective Tempest Shield

A vital part of the SecureCube® security is the provision of Tempest Shielding in compliance with UK, NATO and international security and performance standards. Tempest shielding eliminates EMC radiation and protects from electronic eaves dropping

In addition, EMP Shielding provides vital protection to the structure from EMP type attacks, possibly launched hundreds of miles away and outside a country's borders.

  • NATO NSA 95-106 NATO SDIP-27 Compliant
  • AFSSI 7700 Emission Security & AFSSI 7702 EMSEC Countermeasure, Over Frequency range: 150 MHZ to 10GHz.
  • NSA 94-106 Compliant
  • Buildings Fitted with Inner RF Shielding Systems
  • RF Secure Copper Leaf Doors Prevent Leakage
  • Installation of RF Filtration Devices for Mechanical, Electrical and Airflow Openings.

Sound Proofed….Full Acoustic Protection

SecureCube® Secure Buildings & SCIF installations incorporate acoustic protection through a combination of fresh air intake / extract attenuators and an inner acoustic wall panelling and lining systems to prevent audibility outside of the secure space.

  • Eliminating Sound Emissions
  • Protecting from Local Eaves Dropping
  • Conversations Remain Within The “Group”
  • Lined With Acoustic Sound Attenuation Panels
  • Inline Attenuators for Fresh Air Systems

Attack Resistant….CPNI Certified Perimeter Shell

SecureCube® Secure Building and SCIF Construction options include LPS1175 SR2 to SR4 or pre-engineered UK Government CPNI certified modular walling systems to provide enhanced physical Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility protection.

  • Physically Secured Space
  • 10 Minutes CPNI Base Standard Option
  • CPNI Secure Door & Locking Systems
  • Air Vents Fitted With CPNI Grilles

Where SecureCube™ products are deployed in high-risk front line environments we can offer select blast & ballistics protected containers to provide a higher degree of safety for occupants.

Integrated Security….Multi-layered Secure Environment

A range of Intruder Detection Systems (IDS), Access Control Systems (ACS), IPCCTV, and high-security mechanical locking systems can be incorporated into the SecureCube® Secure Building & SCIF configuration to suit specific client requirements.

  • CPNI Certified Intruder Detection
  • CPNI Certified Access Control System
  • NCSC ICD/ICS 705 Compliant
  • IPCCTV Monitoring & Local Recording
  • Grade 3 External Locks

Application Ready…. Equipped To Support Secure Application

Our Design Team will work with client to develop bespoke interior fitouts to meet individual customer application and will typically include:

  • Internal Finishes
  • Power, Data & AV Infrastructure
  • Acoustic / Secure Equipment Racks
  • Furniture & Storage

Air Conditioned….Comfortable Work Environment

Comfort cooling, heating & ventilation systems are included as standard within any SecureCube® - Secure Building and SCIF design.

  • Fresh Air Ventilation
  • Temperature Controlled Workspace
  • Heating & Cooling Modes

When used for Data Centre applications we will install data centre centric cooling technology to suit rack kW densities.

Plug And Go….Powered For Business

As part of any SecureCube® Secure Building or SCIF installation we will include all the relevant infrastructure to ensure the Secure Building or SCIF is ready to go including, Power and Lighting systems.

  • Plug In Power Hook-up Point
  • Dedicated Plant Room
  • Self-Contained Cooling
  • Generous Power & Data Points
  • LED “Daylight” Lighting Systems

Fire Detection ….Fire Protection

Internal fire detection and the ability to send and receive alarms between local house systems are included as standard.

  • Local Fire Panel
  • Multi Zone Smoke Detection
  • Relays Prewired for External Connection
  • Warning Sounders


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