Equipment Rack PDUs

Global power densities are increasing and becoming more unpredictable. Whether deploying rack power distribution in a wiring closet, server room, or data centre, Schneider Electric supports a variety of equipment rack PDU power density applications up to 22 kW per strip.

Schneider Electric equipment rack PDUs have sufficient power and receptacle outputs to meet high kW loads in a minimal amount of space. Their ease of installation accelerates speed of deployment and reduces installation costs. With advanced rack power distribution, Schneider Electric offers real-time remote load monitoring of connected equipment and individual outlet power control for remote power recycling.

Basic Rack PDU — Entry-level power distribution for rack-mount equipment
Metered Rack PDU — Advanced equipment rack PDU power distribution provides real-time remote monitoring of connected loads
Switched Rack PDU — Premium equipment rack PDU power distribution allows remote control of individual outlets and monitoring of aggregate current consumption
Metered-by-Outlet with Switching — Provides real-time remote monitoring of each individual outlet and on/off outlet control of equipment rack PDUs
Rack Automatic Transfer Switch — Provides redundant power to single-corded equipment

Intelligent equipment rack PDUs offer advanced networking features to meet today’s data centre demands. Current, power, and energy monitoring at the rack (depending on model series), combined with user-customisable warning/overload settings and automated alarm notifications, enables enhanced capacity and change management.

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