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EcoMeasure Data Centre Power Monitoring

EcoMeasureTM is a scalable Data Centre Power Monitoring & Management Service by Workspace Technology. This service is based on Schneider Electric’s Industry Leading Power Monitoring Expert (PME) Technology.

EcoMeasureTM services enable data centre and server room managers to accurately measure the performance and energy consumption of any data centre facility. EcoMeasureTM can be installed in new design and build or retrofitted within existing data centre environments. The systems provide managers with direct information on data centre power and energy consumption and develop accurate benchmarking of efficiency. EcoMeasureTM services include, Power Monitoring Software, provision of power meters, gateways, site wiring and full design, integration and commissioning services.

StruxureWare Power Monitoring Expert

Power Monitoring Expert is a specialised data centre power management system that provides power system intelligence for your entire data centre. It enables relevant information sharing and user-to-user collaboration while controlling costs. With deep insight into the operation of your electrical infrastructure, the system ensures your data centre can be operated at the design level of reliability while optimising energy costs and maximising the use of current assets.

Power Monitoring Expert is designed to collect and manage data, helping you optimise your data centres energy performance. It provides the right combination of data and analysis tools to meet the unique needs of your data centre. Power Monitoring Expert helps:-

  • Decrease the duration of unplanned outages
  • Quickly receive critical power system alarms.
  • View the critical alarm history to create an action plan to resolve the issues.
  • Identify and track over-subscribed capacity.
  • Identify redundancy comprised IT branch circuits.
  • Identify power equipment maintenance needs.
  • Perform and document regular power equipment testing.

Perform root cause analysis on electrical distribution system events to help reduce the probability of recurrent events. Ensuring that technicians have accurate information prior to, during, and after a maintenance activity is critical to minimising technician error.

View real-time electrical distribution system data for the complete maintenance cycle.

Schneider Electric Power Meters - The Schneider Electric™ PM5000 range of power meters are an ideal fit for data centre management applications. These meters provide the measurement capabilities needed to allocate energy usage, perform tenant metering and sub-billing, pin-point energy savings, optimise equipment efficiency and utilisation, and perform a high-level assessment of the power quality of the electrical network.

A range of meters will be deployed in order to support a full complement of measurements including Total Facility Power, Total Critical Power, UPS Efficiency, PUE, DCiE etc. Workspace Technology can also integrate a wide range of third party meters in order to provide a centralised energy management platform.

Schneider Electric EGX Ethernet Gateways - Schneider Electric EGX Ethernet gateway devices help reduce the cost and complexity of connecting, configuring and managing a network of intelligent meters, sensors and other remote instruments. The EGX provides reliable connectivity between Modbus serial devices and TCP/IP networks, without modifying existing infrastructure and is perfect for converting Modbus to Ethernet-based communication.

For more information on our Data Centre Power Monitoring & Schneider Electric Power Monitoring Expert products please contact our Sales Team on 0121 354 4894, or send us a message.