Raised Access Floors

Data Centre Raised Access Floor Systems can be used to support a combination of power, I.T and mechanical services as well as acting as a plenum for airflow. When combined with aisle containment solutions data centre raised access floors can help eliminate the mixing of hot and cold airflows providing better management and control of equipment inlet temperatures, improving data centre energy efficiency.

As part of a data centre raised access floor installation Workspace Technology offers a full range of heavy duty floor grilles, grommets and floor sealing systems in order to prevent cold air leakage.

Weight loadings within a data centre should also be carefully considered, as an example a single fully loaded equipment rack can weigh as much as 1500kg and other equipment such as UPS systems for example can be considerably heavier. Workspace Technology designs raised access floors to support the safe deployment of weights common in contemporary data centres.

Workspace Technology will also provide full raised access floor earthing systems to ensure compliance with TIA942 data centre design and installation recommendations.