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Raised Access Floors

Data Centre Raised Access Floor Systems can be used to support a combination of power, I.T and mechanical services as well as acting as a plenum for airflow. When combined with aisle containment solutions data centre raised access floors can help eliminate the mixing of hot and cold airflows providing better management and control of equipment…

Certified Security for Modular & Prefabricated Buildings

Workspace Technology offers a range of fully LPCB* Approved secure Technical Fabrications and Buildings in order to provide enhanced protection of assets. *LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) a leading international certification and approvals body in security and fire protection. LPS 1175 Security Ratings Explained Many materials such as plasterboard, brick, block, non security rated composite panels,…

Electromagnetic Protection & RF Shielding

Where there is sensitive or secret information contained or transmitted in Data Centres or Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF) an additional consideration will be to provide enhanced protection from electronic eavesdropping. This will avoid users unwittingly feeding sensitive information such as passwords and account numbers to an attacker. These attacks are insidious because it is difficult…


'ModuSec' is the UK's leading data centre and server room modular construction product. The ModuSec system provides a clean and fast alternative to traditional construction techniques to deliver optimum protection for data and server equipment from heat, water, smoke and rodents. ModuSec benefits at a glance: Lightweight High Strength Material Fast Construction Time 90 Minute Fire…