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Freecool® Evaporative Free Air Cooling

Freecool® Evaporative Cooling Systems by Workspace Technology delivers innovative low energy cooling for data centre environments typically delivering PUE figures of <1.15. Freecool® offers a choice of direct and indirect airflow configurations. Freecool® installations are designed and built from scalable standardised modules that can be interconnected in a bespoke arrangement supporting 'real world' client applications. Freecool® delivers significant technical advantage over factory built single chassis alternatives that are often cumbersome, expensive and difficult to deploy in many applications. With 30kW, 60kW, 90kW and 120kW evaporative cooling system modules, Freecool® is designed to support a wide range (<30kW to >1MW) of data centre capabilities.

Workspace Technology's Freecool® evaporative cooling system can be installed as part of a new data centre or can be retrofitted and configured to work in harmony with existing cooling technology. Supporting rack densities from 1kW to 20kW Freecool® is growing in popularity and has;

Freecool® Data Centre Modules - Primary System Modules: flexible design, modular and scalable architecture. Unlike conventional monolithic 'packaged' direct/indirect fresh air cooling solutions, Freecool® by Workspace Technology delivers a truly flexible architecture. Freecool® offers standardised 'modules' that can be configured to create a bespoke evaporative cooling system addressing individual client demands.

Data Centre Innovations & Benefits - Freecool® offers data centre managers a range of innovations to help improve data centre performance.

Dual Filtration - Installations are designed as standard with a combination of G3 and G4 air intake filtration systems designed to eliminate data centre contamination.

Intelligent AtemperationTM - blends hot exit air with cold intake air to produce controllable equipment inlet temperatures irrespective of external ambient conditions.

Dynamic Mode Temperature Control - 'Dynamic' mode of operation allows cold aisle/equipment inlet temperatures of 18oC for extended operating periods without compromising energy efficiency. The Dynamic Mode allow the equipment inlet temperature to gradually rise falling back again as the external ambient decreases.

Reduced Fan Power - EC fans use significantly less energy than conventional fan technology.

'Cool Wall' Backup Technology - Cool wall is a lost cost 'instant' response mechanical backup system. This system is aimed at clients that need reassurance against air quality issues or if they require re-circulation mode following a fire suppression activation event for evaporative cooling systems.

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