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Excool Indirect Adiabatic Evaporative Free Cooling

As part of Workspace Technology's commitment to ensure maximum client choice we offer Excool the world's leading indirect data centre adiabatic cooling technology as part of our Freecool® solutions strategy. Excool is the most efficient indirect economiser in the world designed specifically for data centre applications. Outdoor air is used to indirectly cool the data centre airflow through a series of heat exchangers enabling cooling to take place without outdoor air entering the data hall.

Why use Excool Indirect Free Cooling - Excool's heat exchange technology avoids potential air pollution hazards. Through the use of adiabatic cooling sprays Excool maintains data centre internal temperatures of 24oC with external ambient temperatures in excess of 35oC.

System Operation - Air-to-Air Heat Exchange Technology - Air-to-air heat exchanger technology has been used in heat recovery devices for many years. Excool has optimised this technology specifically for the application of adiabatic cooling and evaporative free cooling in the data centre.

Excool Modes of Operation - Through the use of independently controlled fans and airflow dampers, Excool is able to adapt automatically between winter and summer modes of operation.

Excool Design & Innovation - Excool adiabatic cooling and evaporative free cooling systems when deployed as part of a complete integrated data centre solution by Workspace Technology can offer data centre operators exceptional levels of energy efficiency.

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