Denco Happel

Workspace Technology is the UK’s leading accredited Systems Integrator for Denco Happel with extensive experience of installing Denco Happel products in data centre environments across the UK.

Workspace Technology Integrates the latest generation of Denco Happel technology.

Through good practice, next generation low energy CRAC units, we can deliver an excellent PUE performance (sub 1.25). Typically, new builds are designed especially to support the maximum efficiency of airflow. Examples of good design include the forming of ‘hot corridors’ which provide a direct link with hot aisles helping simplify airflow arrangements. When combined with aisle containment, underfloor air barriers, blanking panels and N+1 arrangements perimeter cooling will hold its ground well against ‘directly coupled’ alternative cooling technology.

Solutions by Denco Happel include;

Multi-Denco Direct Exchange (DX) CRAC

Workspace Technology integrates Multi-Denco the UK’s leading next generation Direct Exchange DX perimeter cooling technology.

Ultra-Denco Chilled Water (CW) CRAC

Denco Happel’s latest Ultra-Denco® full function close control Chilled Water perimeter cooling systems deliver exception energy performance when combined with freecool® technology.

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