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ColdLogik Rear Door Heat Exchanger

Where high density cooling is required for server racks, Rear Rack Cooling or Rear Door Heat Exchanger technology provides an ideal solution. Workspace Technology designs and integrates Usystem's industry leading ColdLogik high density cooling Rear Door Heat Exchanger technology.

Ambient air is drawn through an impressive 80% air efficient AirTech Plus door. Six Hot swap/N+1 fans mounted in the rear door draw the hot air over a chilled water filled coil. This acts as the heat exchanger and removes 100% of the delta T, passing the air back into the room at ambient temperature.

Cold ambient air passes through the AirTech Plus door onto the equipment, gaining in temperature as it passes through. The hot-air is then pulled over a chilled coil, the resulting chilled airflow is vented back into the aisle or room at ambient temperature.

ColdLogik Data Cabinet Features:

  • 20kw (nominal) Rear Door Heat Exchanger and 35kw (nominal) power Rear Door Heat Exchanger.
  • Precision high density cooling
  • No need for ‘Drip Tray’
  • Row of six hot swap fans
  • Fan fail alarm as standard, visual sign and data line transmission
  • Variable type speed fans
  • Built-in redundancy
  • 80% venting on front door
  • Optional remote monitoring and administration
  • Unique styling
  • 1000kg weight loading as standard
  • Full range of accessories

The ColdLogik high density cooling Rear Door Heat Exchanger deals with the heat generation immediately at source, therefore 100% of the delta T can be removed, removing the strain on an otherwise overloaded air-conditioning system and providing optimum energy efficiency.

Contact us for more information regarding the range of ColdLogik high density cooling Rear Rack Cooling and Rear Door Heat Exchanger products.