Fire Suppression Cylinder Hydrostatic Testing

Ten Year Periodic Fire Suppression Cylinder Hydrostatic Testing & Recertification Services

All cylinders used in data centre or server room fire protection applications are legally required under the European standard BSEN1968 (2002) to be hydrostatic pressure tested at least every ten years.

Hydrostatic pressure testing of the pressurised gas cylinder should be undertaken in order to prove its strength, integrity and to ensure that safety standards are maintained so your gas cylinders remain safe, in good working condition and suitable for continued use.

It is the responsibility of the company, owner or user of the equipment to ensure that periodic hydrostatic testing is undertaken. Failure to ensure that periodic hydrostatic testing of cylinders is undertaken could lead to fines and in cases extreme cases where lives have been endangered, imprisonment.

Identifying Cylinder Age - Each fire suppression cylinder typically has identification markings on the neck ring detailing the year/month of manufacture in order to see when the cylinder test is due.

Hydrostatic Pressure Test Options - Workspace Technology can arrange for testing of your gas cylinders to be completed by the manufacturer. We will ensure that:

  • Your system is recertified quickly and efficiently ensuring minimum risk to your facility.
  • The working life of your gas cylinders will be extended by a further 10 years.
  • All work will be performed by fully qualified, F-Gas trained and FIA certificated engineers.

Recertification Options

We provide a fast and efficient hydrostatic pressure testing and replacement service and will always work with you to meet your business needs.

Option Description Down Time
Refurbishment To remove cylinders from site, to factory test and to recertify. To return and re-install. 2 to 3 weeks
Exchange Replace the existing cylinders with refurbished cylinders held in stock. 1 Day


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