Netbotz Environmental & Security

Workspace Technology integrates APC’s leading range of NetBotz premium security and environmental monitoring technology. The NetBotz environmental and security concentrators provide video surveillance and monitoring, temperature, humidity, door contact, VFC/dry contact, vibration, smoke, 2-way audio monitoring, spot leak and rope leak monitoring.

The NetBotz monitoring concentrator range is fully integrated with APC’s InfraStruXure Central management platform. The NetBotz systems can be deployed in network closets, server rooms and data centres environments. NetBotz is designed to protect against physical threats, environmental or human, that can cause disruption or downtime to critical IT infrastructure.

This scalable suite of networked appliances, sensors, access controls and cameras is designed to safeguard critical environments. The modular design includes a range of common sensors supported by the NetBotz appliances.

Netbotz HID Rack Access Control

The APC Rack Access PX is a browser-accessible appliance that allows control and management of access privileges for equipment rack enclosures. Access is granted through the use of proximity cards or a Web interface.

Netbotz Surveillance Cameras

Netbotz cameras provide surveillance of data centre environments. Management application enables rapid search and retrieval of video, plus ‘tagging’ of important video clips.