Critical Power Monitoring

Critical Power Monitoring is an essential service for businesses that demand continuous and reliable power availability. Critical Power Monitoring complements new or can be deployed on existing UPS and Generator installations.

The service will deliver 24×365 monitoring identifying faults, tracking and helping prevent the failure of backup power technology very often which is caused by avoidable issues; for example, empty fuel tanks or low batteries.

The Remote Critical Power Monitoring services by Workspace Technology utilises Deep Sea Electronics DSEWebNet technology allowing Workspace technology to deliver a comprehensive service including:

  • Full remote control and monitoring in real time
  • Monitor & control of single set or multi-set load sharing systems
  • Configurable reporting options
  • Global positioning and Generator set tracking
  • Password protection access levels
  • Fuel management
  • Ability to view multiple sites from our central service location
  • Enhanced security via GPS tracking

One of the key benefits of the Remote Critical Monitoring is that we can set up the generator to carry out an automatic weekly start up and full system check. During this routine, we can remotely monitor the generator ensuring peace of mind to the end-user.

Workspace Technology’s Remote Critical Power Monitoring ensures that the generators start when needed, reducing on-site visits and delivering system availability.