UPS Load Bank Testing

Workspace Technology can undertake UPS load bank testing, discharge and impedance testing which enables us to see the true performance of your UPS batteries in their current state. A written report is issued highlighting any areas of concern together with any recommendations.

Benefits of load bank testing your batteries are:

  • Provides absolute confidence in critical power supply integrity.
  • Will identify battery problems and enables advanced corrective works.
  • Delivers accurate and effective proof of battery integrity and autonomy.
  • Out of hours testing can be arranged to help minimise disruption to client operations.
  • Fully documented procedures ensuring full traceability of all test events and actions.

Load Bank Testing

To ensure that the vital parts of your backup power protection system are functioning as intended, Workspace Technology recommends load bank testing as part of the annual planned maintenance visit. UPS load bank testing can be completed with existing critical load or to reduce risk to your site Workspace Technology can hire load bank equipment for the duration of the test.

We will deliver and install the load bank with minimal disruption and once you have finished testing we will arrange collection at a convenient time.

Load bank testing will stress the UPS and Generator to simulate maximum load conditions on the infrastructure of your electrical supply, this would include the cabling, switchgear, fuses and other components and identify any weaknesses within the system. Any potential risks to your critical load can be identified and then rectified as necessary.

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