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Data Centre Cleaning Services – ‘Technical Cleaning’

Particles, gasses, and other contaminants can impact the sustained operations of the computer hardware in a data centre. Data Centre and Server Room environments therefore need to be cleaned on a regular basis to maintain the environmental quality of the room and to prevent build-up of contamination.

Workspace Technology provides Data Centre Cleaning Services which should be performed as part of an overall data centre Preventative Maintenance strategy. Depending on the facility the cleaning frequency will generally range from monthly visits up to a minimum frequency one clean per year.

The scope of cleaning can be adjusted to suit the existing level of facility cleanliness and the target level of cleanliness.

Data Centre Cleaning Services Recommended Frequency

The frequency of data centre cleaning services is dependent on the existing level of facility cleanliness and the target level of cleanliness and may be Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly.

Antistatic Data Centre Floor Cleaning

  • Cleaning of antistatic floor tiles surfaces.
  • Removal of floor tiles and cleaning of the floor void area.

Equipment Racks & Surfaces

  • Internal and external rack cleaning.
  • Perimeter equipment surfaces.

Floor Surface – Carpet

  • Cleaning of carpet finishes.

Technical Clean Service Plan Options

Dycem ProtectaMat

As part of Workspace Technology’s strategy to help our clients improve the overall availability of data centre services Dycem ProtectaMat provides an alternative high performance, solution to traditional ‘tack mat’ systems.

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