Battery Systems

Battery systems are the essential component that delivers continuity service to mission critical equipment under power failure conditions. It is therefore imperative that battery systems are designed, installed and service by experienced and expert engineers.

Workspace Technology provides a wide range of battery services, including design installation, maintenance, replacement and disposal.

Our Battery Services

  • UPS Battery system design
  • Standard and bespoke battery installation services
  • Battery maintenance including impedance testing, battery inspections and battery cleaning services
  • Battery replacement & battery disposal services
  • Specialist Battery Monitoring Services

Battery Design Services

Workspace Technology’s mission critical engineers can advise on all aspects of battery design.

An effective battery design will ensure your core systems are protected.   It is essential to ensure critical services are maintained under power failure conditions. As part of the critical power path UPS battery systems must be correctly designed to maintain the load before mains or backup power can be restored.  An effective battery design will ensure your core systems are protected.

Workspace Technology’s mission critical engineers can advise on all aspects of battery design. Key design criteria should consider;

  • Ambient Temperature
  • Critical Load
  • Required Autonomy Time
  • Battery Life
  • Level of Battery Monitoring
  • Health & Safety Compliance

We will ensure aspects of both AC and DC electrical systems will support your site-specific requirements as an integrated part of any mission critical design. We will undertake space planning, review and agree battery rack designs i.e. open or cladded as required to meet your specific requirements.

Battery Installation Services

Workspace Technology provides comprehensive UPS and battery installation service for clients across the UK.

Our specialist team will provide battery builds as part of a battery replacement programme or as a turnkey mission critical power or data centre installation.   Our expertise goes beyond basic battery builds with a full in-house electrical engineering and design team.

As a mission critical power and data centre specialist Workspace Technology are able to design and install all supporting, switchgear, UPS and generator systems, energy and environmental monitoring systems. In addition, our expert team can design and install a range of energy efficient cooling solutions to help maximise the battery life.

Battery Maintenance

Workspace Technology provides a range of comprehensive battery testing and maintenance as part of an overall UPS service contract.

Battery life is entirely dependent on environmental conditions, age and usage. It is imperative to ensure regular maintenance and inspection of battery systems as a cell failure may cause loss of critical services under power failure conditions.

Planned Preventative maintenance tasks include:

  • Physical Inspection of cells and terminals
  • Electrical Testing for UPS float voltages – open circuit – battery impedance
  • Battery Date / Battery Life Prediction

Sentinel Battery Monitoring

80% of UPS failures are due to undetected battery problems. When battery failure is not on option Workspace Technology offers PowerShield Sentinel Battery Monitoring systems.

Sentinel Battery Monitoring solutions help clients;

  • Reduced risk of catastrophic critical load failure through permanent online battery monitoring.
  • Early detection of weaknesses in a battery system through voltage and impedance testing.
  • 24/7 Automatic notification of faults through a combination of browser, SMS messaging, modem link and BMS interfacing.
  • Reduction in maintenance costs and extended run battery time.
  • Automatic capture and detailed event log of all information effecting the battery string.
  • Ease of Installation and expandability.