Active Power

Active Power are world leading manufacturers of predictable, continuous and efficient power systems engineered for organisations with zero tolerance for downtime. Workspace Technology are the UK’s leading Active Power integration partner delivering a range of continuous power solutions combining green battery-free UPS systems with reliable containerised generator technology.


Powerhouse® is a modular, portable continuous power system available for rapid deployment based on Active Power’s high-efficiency and highly resilient architecture. The system is housed in a standard ISO shipping container. The Powerhouse® can be deployed in any number of locations, including a roof top, loading bays or within secure compounds.

The system is designed to offer high agility to your constantly changing environment, available in a series of formats the Powerhouse® is fully scalable, enabling you to expand your backup power infrastructure on demand. The pre-engineered, factory-tested system is delivered as a complete and repeatable solution keeping on-site deployment to a minimum, minimising risk to critical environments.

Powerhouse® Design Benefits

  • 98% operating efficiency offering attractive whole life cost savings against any other system.
  • Completely battery free negating future battery replacement costs.
  • High reliability MTBF >2,000,000 hours.
  • Built in active harmonic load conditioning.
  • Input Transient Voltage Surge Suppression.
  • Built in redundancy of control power supplies, internal communication and cooling fans.
  • 0 (zero) air conditioning required, no environmental conditioning required based on a wide operating temperature range ( -15°c to + 40°c)
  • 0 (zero) battery removal, disposal and replacements for the life of the system.
  • Smallest available footprint, kW for kW
  • Energy Savings
  • Complete scalability / modular and redundant architecture
  • Low service and maintenance requirements
  • Rapid recharge time (under 5 minutes from 0% to 100% load)
  • No hazardous waste material
  • The most efficient UPS architecture available, always optimising PUE

CleanSource® UPS

The Active Power CleanSource® is battery free UPS system using flywheel technology which takes up less than half the footprint of a legacy battery-based system leaving additional room for revenue generating equipment. With up to 98% efficiency and simple and predictable operation only available in flywheel energy storage systems provides for a low maintenance schedule. You get a life-cycle cost without expensive surprises.

CleanSource® UPS Benefits

  • CleanSource® UPS has been proven repeatedly with over 2000 global Installations.
  • The IGBT based UPS architecture provides for a highly fault tolerant system.
  • CleanSource® UPS is inherently redundant and modular.
  • The systems are expandable to multi-megawatt configurations with paralleling for either capacity or integrated redundancy.
  • CleanSource® UPS is the most energy efficient UPS in the world.
  • ‘Blade Ready’ ensuring blade server loads do not impact the rating of the UPS which will operate comfortably between 0.7lag to 0.9 lead with no de-rating.
  • Active Power UPS modules are supplied as standard with a 10-Year parts and labour warranty in conjunction with a competitive service contract.

Active Power Generator Systems

Active Power utilise the latest Diesel Engine management technology, enabling your short break, essential cooling loads to be power <10secs after a power failure. This aspect of the solution is imperative for clients operating within a high-density data centre environment. This solution not only enhances the overall resilience of the cooling design, by restoring power quickly and avoiding Thermal Runway, it enables clients to operate their data floor at increased ambient temperatures in-line with the latest ASHRAE guidance. In addition, the Diesel Generator is provided with GenSTART® Active Power’s patented generator starting system which increases generator starting availability by a factor of ten. This ability to protect your short break loads quickly, while operating at an increased ambient can have tremendous impact in terms of the overall Data Centre PUE – All supported by the highly efficient UPS architecture. Cleansource®, Powerhouse® and GenSTART® are registered trademarks of Active Power Ltd.