Data Centre Commissioning Services

Workspace Technology’s Data Centre Commissioning Services include independent ‘Integrated Systems Testing’ (IST) designed to ensure that your data centre will deliver desired performance and resilience levels in line with the design specification. Data Centre Commissioning Services will provide facility owners and operators with invaluable information and typically include:

  • Full evaluation of power, cooling and associated supporting infrastructure performance under load and during simulated failure conditions.
  • Evaluation of energy efficiency and system reliability.
  • Data Centre Commissioning provides valuable start-up information as a database for future system analysis and equipment modification.
  • Data Centre Commissioning helps reveal hidden installation or design defects that may be present.
  • Data Centre Commissioning highlights functional incompatibility issues with specifications or other systems if present, avoiding potential data centre malfunction following handover.

A comprehensive Integrated Systems Testing procedure is developed to perform a thorough fail safe process to assure reliability during several modes of operation and load conditions. The IST procedures typically includes:

  • Testing while under design thermal load
  • Mechanical systems operation under several modes of operation
  • Testing under normal power and during emergency power conditions
  • Simulated equipment and system failures
  • Heat load capacitance testing
  • Measurement and logging of conditions such as temperature, humidity & power.
  • Automatic Control & Monitoring & Management System Verification
  • Correct Interaction of all Sub-Systems under testing conditions.

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