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Data Centre Audits

To compliment, our data centre planned preventative maintenance services, Workspace Technology recommends an annual Data Centre Audit. Data Centre environments house critical processes that must remain operational. Without these critical processes, there would be a significant impact on the success of the company. It is important to remember that it is often significantly less expensive to…

Energy Optimisation Audits

Data Centres are dynamic environments that experience constant changes in I.T loads as new systems are installed, old systems decommissioned, or virtual server technology implemented. These changing environments can often lead to an imbalance that can contribute to poor energy performance. Additionally, new data centres can be commissioned for the ‘day 1‘ design load. Very often…

Data Centre Commissioning Services

Workspace Technology’s Data Centre Commissioning Services include independent ‘Integrated Systems Testing’ (IST) designed to ensure that your data centre will deliver desired performance and resilience levels in line with the design specification. Data Centre Commissioning Services will provide facility owners and operators with invaluable information and typically include: Full evaluation of power, cooling and associated supporting…

PUE Data Centre Assessment

To complement, our data centre planned preventative maintenance services Workspace Technology recommends an annual Power Usage Effectiveness - PUE Data Centre Survey where there is no fixed metering or measurement technology in place. Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE Data Centre) Assessment Metering the total energy used at a site is important, but it does not show how…