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Relocatable Equipment Buildings (REBs) for Railway Telecoms & Power

Relocatable Equipment Buildings (REBs) for Railway Telecoms & Power

What is a Relocatable Equipment Building (REB)?

A relocatable equipment building is a modular building that is designed to be moveable, as the name suggests! However, this doesn’t mean that they are repeatedly shifted from location to location. Instead, they are constructed and manufactured at a workshop and then delivered to the job site where it is required.

Once fitted, they are rarely relocated again. So the ‘relocatable’ element of the name simply refers to the fact that the equipment building is built at the supplier’s factory and then moved to the point of use. When they are installed, they are ‘ready to go’ at their intended site, ideal for instant use.

Rail applications and the Fixed Telecommunications Network (FTN)

These modular buildings are designed to house railway signalling, telecoms, and power systems that are integral for the efficient running of rail applications. The REB will often house signalling & interlocking equipment, electrification & plant power systems, switchgear and uninterruptible power supplies.

Therefore REBs are essential in delivering rail telecoms systems to power the Fixed Telecoms Network (FTN), a network of fibre optics that is used to support the railway from a digital perspective including signal communication.

REBs are installed trackside and provide a hub for critical data to be delivered.

Our prefabricated solution

Workspace Technology pre-fabricate and pre-engineer technical enclosures for railway applications, ensuring that the infrastructure is installed in clean conditions, cross-checked, factory-tested, and ready for use when it is delivered to site.

Our prefabricated enclosures are designed to house an extensive range of technologies ideal for railway businesses including signalling, power, UPS systems, CCTV equipment, and switchgear. This is all delivered in a low maintenance solution that is specifically optimised for use in the rail industry.

What we offer

In terms of what we can offer our clients, Workspace Technology offer a complete turnkey solution including the design and build, survey, preparation of site civil engineering, the construction of the REB, delivery and position, commissioning, monitoring and ongoing maintenance. A complete one-stop shop for all of your REB needs!

Our REB offering is LPS 1175 (SR1-6) & CPNI Security rated and is prefabricated bespoke to your exact requirements, supporting you in providing a unique solution that maximises energy efficiency whilst offering low operational costs.

Fit out features

Typical equipment fit out will include:-

  • Cooling Systems
  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • Rack Infrastructure
  • Cabling
  • AC/DC Power
  • UPS/Rectifiers Battery Modules
  • Access Control
  • Environmental Monitoring

However, the construction is completely customisable to feature the exact components that you require for your application.

Enquire today

Workspace Technology have provided REBs to a number of Fixed Telecom operators across the UK and beyond and have extensive experience in creating expertly engineered prefabs that deliver incredible performance. For more information on our full range of telecoms cabins, products and services please contact our Sales Team on 0121 354 4894 or click here to fill out our contact form.

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