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SecureCube® – Prefabricated Secure Buildings & Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) Solutions

Workspace Technology’s Technical Fabricated Building SecureCube® product range includes the design & build of bespoke modular or portable Secure Buildings & Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities, also referred to as a SCIF or Situation Room.

Our SecureCube® Secure Buildings are designed for processing or communicating classified information in official capacities such as national intelligence, national security, defence, and parlance for the military, government, and lawmakers. A secure room such as this helps to prevent data leakage of sensitive security information and is heavily relied on within the intelligence community. However, our SecureCube® Secure Buildings and SCIFs are also popular for corporate and media businesses who want to keep sensitive information private.

With a background in designing and building data centres for defence applications, Workspace Technology has acquired industrial security expertise that enables us to assess physical risks and deliver secure environments that ensure organisations meet government accreditation standards as necessary.

SecureCube® - Secure Building Applications

SecureCube® Secure Buildings are ideal for commercial corporate, government and defence sector field-based applications that demand enhanced security levels equal or greater than Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF).

SecureCube® static and portable deployable technical enclosures & shelters building applications include but are not limited to:

Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) - Workspace Technology's SecureCube® Cyber Secure Meeting Rooms offer secure communication for sensitive information in a SCIF. We use advanced technologies and secure access control measures to ensure confidentiality and authorized access. Customization options include soundproofing, air filtration, and temperature control. Our team works with clients to install a customized solution that protects sensitive information.

Tactical Deployable Data Centre (TDDC) – Workspace Technology's SecureCube® Tactical Deployable Data Centres are specifically designed for defence, government, and corporate applications that require a tactical deployable solution. Our Tactical Deployable Data Centre (TDDC) offers a highly secure environment for storing and processing sensitive information, supporting a wide range of rack counts and kW densities.

Command & Control – Workspace Technology's SecureCube® Command & Control Facilities provide a secure and efficient environment for coordinating and controlling forces and operations in mission-critical situations. Our command and control facilities are designed to meet the highest standards of security and can be tailored to meet specific needs.

Unmanned Vehicle Control - Workspace Technology's SecureCube® Unmanned Control Applications provide secure and reliable control for unmanned vehicles, protecting them from external interference. Our applications are designed to meet the highest standards of security and can be customized to meet specific needs.

‘SecureCube™’ Building Formats

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Depending on the application and size, our SecureCube® Secure Buildings and Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF’s) can be constructed using one of three build systems:

Prefabricated SecureCube® – Where Secure Building or SCIF installations are ‘static’, bespoke prefabricated manufactured modular housings with widths ranging from 3.0m to 3.6m and lengths from 6m to 14.5m can be accommodated. Where larger meeting spaces are required we can pre-fabricate in two sections and join together on-site to form a single Secure Building or SCIF environment.

Containerised SecureCube® - Where ongoing portability and flexible transportation is paramount, Workspace Technology’s SecureCube™ 2.4m wide, ISO containerised SCIF format offers the ideal solution with lengths ranging from 6m to 12m (20ft / 40ft).

Modular SecureCube® SCIF Building Construction - Modular Secure Building / SCIF construction utilises steel frame structures and CPNI or LPS1175 SR4 certified composite panel cladding systems which can be erected both internally (typically within a large open warehouse or vacant office space) or externally to create a standalone Sensitive Compartmented space.

Traditional Fitout – Workspace Technology can also offer onsite conversions and fitouts of existing buildings or rooms in order to support full Secure Building or Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) functionality.

SecureCube® – Secure Buildings & Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) Design Features

Workspace Technology provides holistic design & installation services to deliver fully-featured and functional cyber Secure Building facility “sensitive information ready” for our clients.

Multi-Layer Information Protection

Our SecureCube® Secure Buildings & Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility SCIF buildings offer Multi-Layer Information Protection for its internal systems & occupants offering:

RF Secure ….Full RF Protective Tempest Shield

A vital part of the SecureCube® security is the provision of Tempest Shielding in compliance with UK, NATO and international security and performance standards. Tempest shielding eliminates EMC radiation and protects from electronic eaves dropping

In addition, EMP Shielding provides vital protection to the structure from EMP type attacks, possibly launched hundreds of miles away and outside a country's borders.

  • NATO NSA 95-106 NATO SDIP-27 Compliant
  • AFSSI 7700 Emission Security & AFSSI 7702 EMSEC Countermeasure, Over Frequency range: 150 MHZ to 10GHz.
  • NSA 94-106 Compliant
  • Buildings Fitted with Inner RF Shielding Systems
  • RF Secure Copper Leaf Doors Prevent Leakage
  • Installation of RF Filtration Devices for Mechanical, Electrical and Airflow Openings.

Sound Proofed….Full Acoustic Protection

SecureCube® Secure Buildings & SCIF installations incorporate acoustic protection through a combination of fresh air intake / extract attenuators and an inner acoustic wall panelling and lining systems to prevent audibility outside of the secure space.

  • Eliminating Sound Emissions
  • Protecting from Local Eaves Dropping
  • Conversations Remain Within The “Group”
  • Lined With Acoustic Sound Attenuation Panels
  • Inline Attenuators for Fresh Air Systems

Attack Resistant….CPNI Certified Perimeter Shell

SecureCube® Secure Building and SCIF Construction options include LPS1175 SR2 to SR4 or pre-engineered UK Government CPNI certified modular walling systems to provide enhanced physical Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility protection.

  • Physically Secured Space
  • 10 Minutes CPNI Base Standard Option
  • CPNI Secure Door & Locking Systems
  • Air Vents Fitted With CPNI Grilles

Where SecureCube™ products are deployed in high-risk front line environments we can offer select blast & ballistics protected containers to provide a higher degree of safety for occupants.

Integrated Security….Multi-layered Secure Environment

A range of Intruder Detection Systems (IDS), Access Control Systems (ACS), IPCCTV, and high-security mechanical locking systems can be incorporated into the SecureCube® Secure Building & SCIF configuration to suit specific client requirements.

  • CPNI Certified Intruder Detection
  • CPNI Certified Access Control System
  • NCSC ICD/ICS 705 Compliant
  • IPCCTV Monitoring & Local Recording
  • Grade 3 External Locks

Application Ready…. Equipped To Support Secure Application

Our Design Team will work with client to develop bespoke interior fitouts to meet individual customer application and will typically include:

  • Internal Finishes
  • Power, Data & AV Infrastructure
  • Acoustic / Secure Equipment Racks
  • Furniture & Storage

Air Conditioned….Comfortable Work Environment

Comfort cooling, heating & ventilation systems are included as standard within any SecureCube® - Secure Building and SCIF design.

  • Fresh Air Ventilation
  • Temperature Controlled Workspace
  • Heating & Cooling Modes

When used for Data Centre applications we will install data centre centric cooling technology to suit rack kW densities.

Plug And Go….Powered For Business

As part of any SecureCube® Secure Building or SCIF installation we will include all the relevant infrastructure to ensure the Secure Building or SCIF is ready to go including, Power and Lighting systems.

  • Plug In Power Hook-up Point
  • Dedicated Plant Room
  • Self-Contained Cooling
  • Generous Power & Data Points
  • LED “Daylight” Lighting Systems

Fire Detection ….Fire Protection

Internal fire detection and the ability to send and receive alarms between local house systems are included as standard.

  • Local Fire Panel
  • Multi Zone Smoke Detection
  • Relays Prewired for External Connection
  • Warning Sounders

SecureCube™ Turnkey Delivery & Installation Services

Workspace Technology’s pre-fabricated SecureCube® Secure Buildings & Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities are delivered pre-tested and ready for hook-up to site power & I.T services. Our delivery team will take care of all aspects including transportation, contract crane lifts, power & I.T hook-up, and final site testing in preparation to handover ready for use by the client.

Workspace Technology’s turnkey SecureCube® Secure Building & SCIF solutions incorporate structural design, concrete base construction, perimeter security fencing and installation of service ducts and I.T & Power feeds in preparation for the delivery and positioning of the pre-engineered SecureCube® solution.


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