PowerCube™ Prefabricated Power Solutions

Workspace Technology PowerCube™ Prefabricated Power Pods offers rapid deployment compared to conventional on-site installations delivered pre-engineered, packaged & tested. PowerCube™ Prefabricated Power Pods are designed to support a wide range of power applications:

Switchgear, UPS & Battery Enclosures - The PowerCube product range from Workspace Technology features custom-made prefabricated enclosures that are designed to provide comprehensive support for Switchgear, UPS equipment, and associated Battery systems. Our enclosure designs are optimized for efficient cooling and full-service access and come equipped with integrated fixing points for secure transport and positioning.

Generator & Fuel Tank Acoustic Enclosures - Workspace Technology provides customized Acoustic Generator & Fuel systems enclosures that cater to diverse power backup requirements across various industries, including data centre backup. Our acoustic enclosures are engineered to offer unparalleled noise reduction and protection from environmental factors. Our Fuel systems enclosures are designed to ensure the safe storage and supply of fuel to your power backup systems. With our bespoke solutions, we strive to provide the most efficient and reliable power backup solutions for your specific needs.

Power Aggregators - Workspace Technology also offers specialized Power Aggregator solutions that are designed to combine PV, Wind, Generator & Battery Storage to cater to remote applications, such as Telecoms & data collection. Our Power Aggregator solutions are engineered to maximize efficiency while maintaining a compact footprint. We understand the importance of reliable and sustainable power in remote locations, and our solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of each project. Our team of experts will work with you to provide the most effective and efficient power solution that meets your requirements, ensuring uninterrupted power supply in even the most challenging environments.

At Workspace Technology, our team of experienced engineers can create custom designs to cater to a wide range of customer-specific applications, while ensuring efficient space utilization and maximum energy efficiency. Our bespoke solutions are designed to minimize ongoing operational costs, helping you save time and money.

Our PowerCube™ product range is an ideal solution for rapid deployment of power infrastructure in Modular Edge Data Centres and Telco Exchange / Point of Presence. The PowerCube™ range is built to be flexible, modular, and scalable, providing a seamless integration with your existing infrastructure. Our team can customize the PowerCube™ to meet your specific needs, ensuring a reliable and efficient power supply. With our tailored solutions and innovative technology, we are committed to providing the most cost-effective and reliable power solutions for your business.

PowerCube™ Key Product Features

Power Ready - PowerCube™ systems are pre-engineered and delivery to site ‘Power Ready’ including all secondary infrastructure components.

  • Pre-Engineered With Rapid Deployment Typically 1-2 Weeks
  • Core Power Technology
  • Local Small Power & Lighting Systems
  • Integrated Cooling & Intelligent Airflow
  • Fire Detection Systems
  • Frames & Cable Ways
  • Management & Monitoring Systems

Flexible Architecture - Workspace Technology offer bespoke PowerCube™ Power Solutions to support individual client demands.

  • Custom Built to Suite Power Architecture & kW Capacity Demands
  • Resilience Level to Support Application Tier II to Tier IV
  • Paired and Double Stacked Options for Increased Switchgear or UPS Capacity.

Secure Construction - PowerCube™ products are built to order allowing Workspace Technology to offer bespoke fabrication for our customers.

  • Standard Single Skin Insulated Panels
  • SR2 to SR4 Certified Security Options
  • Enhanced CPNI Security for High Security Applications
  • FR60 Standard Fire Rating with Options for FR90 and FR120
  • Integrated High Security Locking Systems

Cooling & Airflow - Workspace Technology’s Design Team will work with clients to develop cooling and airflow solutions to support the deployed equipment electrical heat gains.

  • Cooling Selection to Support UPS, Battery & Switchgear Arrangements
  • Options Include Wall Mounted, Perimeter & In-Row Cooling Technology
  • Direct Fresh Air Freecool® Systems Also Available
  • Integrated Aisle Containment & Airflow Management
  • All of our PowerCube™ Designs Are Optimised for Maximum Energy Efficiency

Fire Protection - PowerCube™ products will be fitted with Fire Detection Systems Protection & where specified Suppression Gas Systems to ensure the safety of occupants.

  • BS5839 Compliant Fire Detection Systems
  • Ozone Friendly Fire Suppression Systems Where Specified
  • Relays for External House Integration
  • Optional Very Early Smoke Detection (VESDA) Systems
  • Full Compliance with UK Building Regulations.

Technical - PowerCube™ products are typically delivered complete with a range of technical infrastructure to ensure they are ready for hooking up to core services.

  • I.T & Power Containment Systems
  • Control & IT Cabling
  • Security Systems Including IDS, ACS & IPCCTV

Plug & Go Power - PowerCube™ products are pre-engineered with power infrastructure deployment ready.

  • Complete Electrical Design & Installation to 18th Edition
  • Internal Small Power & Lighting.
  • Plug & Go Power & Hook-up or Interlink Connection Points
  • Total PowerCube™ kW Capacity Designed to Suite Application

Management & Monitoring - PowerCube™ products are typically fitted with integrated Management & Monitoring technology ensuring remote assets are in full view via central management platforms.

  • Environmental Monitoring Systems
  • Volt Free Contact Event Integration
  • Dedicated Management Network
  • Centralised Management Systems

PowerCube™ Building Formats

Prefabricated PowerCube™ - Generally PowerCube installations are ‘static’ which are best served through our bespoke prefabricated buildings that can be manufactured with widths ranging from 3.0m to 3.6m and lengths from 6m to 14.5m depending on application. PowerCube™ buildings can be coupled together and double stacked to form larger plant room spaces for higher capacity power requirements.

Containerised PowerCube™ - Where a small footprint is sufficient to support the application Workspace Technology’s 2.4m wide, ISO containerised format offers the ideal solution with lengths ranging from 6m to 12m (20ft / 40ft). Container based PowerCube™ buildings can be stacked to ensure efficient use of space.

PowerCube™ Turnkey Delivery & Installation Services

Workspace Technology’s pre-fabricated PowerCube™ products are typically delivered pre-tested and ready for hook-up to site services. Our delivery team will take care of all aspects including transportation, contract crane lifts, power & I.T hook-up, and final site testing in preparation to handover ready for use by the client.

Workspace Technology’s turnkey PowerCube™ solutions incorporate structural design, concrete base construction, perimeter security fencing and installation of service ducts and I.T & Power feeds in preparation for the delivery and positioning of the pre-engineered PowerCube™ solution.


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