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ModularEdge™ Modular Edge Data Centre Solutions

Workspace Technology’s ModularEdge™ makes the construction of complex data centres simple. Consisting of standardised building blocks Workspace Technology’s ModularEdge™ architecture significantly reduces timescales and eliminates a large proportion of design & associated construction costs when compared with a tradition consultancy and main contractor engagements.

ModularEdge™ is based on a combination of Steel Framed Modular & Prefabricated & Containerised Technical Buildings seamlessly joined to form a single Edge Data Centre entity.

Workspace Technology’s ModularEdge™ offers operators a ‘Pay As You Grow’ strategy ensuring investment is closely aligned with revenues.

Typical on-site build periods for ModularEdge™ solutions are in the region of 90 working days excluding ground works and lead in times for prefabricated cubes.

ModularEdge™ - Edge Data Centre Architecture

Where data centre operators are seeking to address the increasing demand of technology companies for regional data centre capacity to support time sensitive applications Workspace Technology’s ‘Modular Edge’ is an ideal solution.

ModularEdge™ is designed to support medium size (100 to 260 rack) 2MVA to 3MVA Edge Data Centre deployments. ModularEdge™ consists of core modular building blocks which are formed to create a single EdgeData™ Centre facility.

Data Hall - The central ‘Data Hall’ is based on a pre-engineered Steel Frame & Insulated Panel construction. With single spans of up to 20m and variable building length the central Data Hall can easily be constructed to support in excess of 260 racks. As an example, a typical 18m L x 24m L build will support >200 equipment racks (assuming 1.2m wide aisles).

The Data Hall will typically be fitted with an inner modular composite panel system, raised access floor and preformed penetrations to support service links to the external power and cooling cubes. Overhead busbar systems deliver power and standalone HAC / CAC support frames allow for the independent deployment of client racks. Any final configuration will be tailored by Workspace Technology’s Design Team to suit operator preferences.

‘Meet-me Welfare Block’ - Typically built as an annex to the Data Hall the Meet-me / Welfare block can be designed to support individual operator needs and can incorporate Welfare Facilities, Meet-me Room, Build Room and Reception area dependant on site specific requirements.

CoolCube™ - Workspace Technology’s Modular Edge cooling consists of pre-engineered and pre-fabricated CoolCube™ modules that typically offer cooling capacities of 120kW to 300kW. Cooling technology and airflow arrangements can be customised to suite individual operator preferences and equipment rack densities.

CoolCube™ lends itself well to a ‘Pay As You Grow’ strategy, allowing operators to increase cooling capacity in-line with rack count and revenue.

Because CoolCube™ modules are pre-engineered and tested at Workspace Technology Technical Production facility this allows ModularEdge™ cooling infrastructure to be deployed within days which compares favourably with traditional on site cooling installations that would typically take months.

PowerCube™ – PowerCube™ modules consist of prefabricated, pre-engineered & tested Switchgear & UPS systems. Offering capacities that typically range between 250kVA to 2MV PowerCube™ installations can be designed to support individual operator requirements. The PowerCube™ can typically be configured to support Tier II or Tier III resilience levels. PowerCube™ buildings can be joined and / or stacked in order to provide suitable capacity to support the most demanding electrical architectures and where modular Switchgear & UPS systems are deployed these offer operators a ‘Pay As You Grow’ strategy.

Because PowerCube™ modules are pre-engineered and tested at Workspace Technology’s Technical Production facility in Sutton Coldfield this allows ModularEdge™ core power infrastructure to be deployed within days which compares favourably with tradition on site electrical installations that would typically take months.

Workspace Technology’s ModularEdge™ Data Centre Construction Advantages

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  • Single Expert Ensuring Intelligent Co-ordination & Smooth Delivery of The Entire Project Including, Planning, Surveys, Groundworks and Complete Building Design & Construction
  • We Engage Approved Building Regulations Officers to Ensure Full Compliance & Certification of all of our ModularEdge™ Installations.
  • At Workspace Technology We Understand All Mission Critical Design Aspects Delivering Rapid Resolutions to Design Conflicts That May Occur During the Construction Process.
  • Intelligent Technical Expertise Ensures Full Design Feedback to Help With Ongoing Design Development, Improvement & Optimisation
  • We have Established Proven Supply Chain Partners
  • Workspace Technology has a 17 Year Track Record of Design, Build & Maintenance of Data Centre Solutions Within The UK.


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