Prefabricated Modular & Mobile Data Centre

New Technical Prefabrication Brochure was sent to MarkWhen it comes to prefabricated data centre design, build, and management, Workspace Technology delivers award-winning solutions for organisations across the UK. We have simplified the architecture from which we design and build Modular & Mobile data centre infrastructure and associated technology to support client availability, agility, energy efficiency and business needs.

You can be assured that Workspace Technology will deliver a quality, agile and sustainable Modular & Mobile Prefabricated Data Centre solution.

Our in-house design team applies contemporary build and design methodologies including the deployment of modular standardised building blocks which eliminates the need for one-time engineering and enables the right sizing of data facilities.

Prefabricated – Bespoke Prefabricated Modular Data Centres are ideal where installations are ‘static’, and ease of serviceability is paramount. Bespoke manufactured modular pods have the advantage of offering build widths ranging from 3.0m to 3.8m and lengths between 6m and 18m. Unlike containerised solutions that have limited compromised rack access and circulation space, bespoke Modular solutions support flexible equipment rack access more aligned with a conventional ‘bricks and mortar’ unit.

Containerised - The Containerised system delivers advantages over the prefabricated alternative where ongoing portability and flexible transportation is paramount. Workspace Technology’s 2.4m wide, ISO Containerised format offers the ideal solution for complete mobility with container lengths ranging from 6m to 12m (20ft / 40ft).

Modular Construction - Workspace Technology also offers Modular construction utilising steel frame structures and composite panel cladding systems. This modular approach to the construction of data centres utilises prefabricated and standard manufactured components to provide building blocks. Workspace Technology’s Modular solutions can be erected both internally, typically within a large open warehouse or externally, to create a standalone building. Our Modular Data Centre system provides a clean, secure and fast alternative to traditional construction techniques, optimising protection of your IT compute equipment from fire, heat, water, smoke and attack.

Modular & Mobile Prefabricated Data Centre Features

We will work closely with you to understand your requirements to design and deliver your project incorporating;

  • EcoDesignTM  - energy efficient design and build. Based on a set of ‘common sense’ design principles, when EcoDesignTM is intelligently deployed it will positively contribute to the energy efficiency and performance of your Modular Data Centre. EcoDesignTM by Workspace Technology will deliver a measurable reduction in your power consumption thus delivering our clients with a ‘Total Carbon Reduction Commitment’ to their IT infrastructure project.
  • Construction - creating the data centre 'technical' space. We offer standard construction or fully certified LPS1175 SR2, SR3 or SR4 rated pre-fabricated construction where enhanced pod physical protection is required. For the most demanding applications we can offer CPNI certification.
  • Cooling - data centre cooling & airflow management solutions. Dependant on data centre equipment rack densities we can select and install an appropriate cooling solutions including all indoor air handling systems, chilled water / refrigeration pipework, ductwork and all supporting mechanical services plant.
  • Fire Suppression - fire detection, suppression & VESDA systems. To eradicate the potential of fire within Prefabricated structures Workspace Technology provides a range of environmentally friendly 'Zero' Ozone Depletion based fire suppression gaseous agents which can be installed complete with appropriate detection and alarming systems. We also offer Very Early Smoke Detection VESDA early warning technology.
  • Technical - equipment racks, cabling & technology. As part of any Prefab installation, Workspace Technology will typically specify and install a range of technical services including equipment racks & accessories, structured cabling, access control, and intruder detection security systems that are an integral part of a Prefab environment
  • Electrical Infrastructure - When it comes to power distribution, UPS systems and generator systems, Workspace Technology will design and deploy solutions to match the capacity and availability of the relevant critical physical infrastructure of your facility. Our comprehensive range of standard and critical Containerised Data Centre electrical design and distribution services include; LV Switchgear, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems, Standby Generators, Rack PDUs.
  • Management & Monitoring - Management & environmental monitoring technology forms an integral part of any deployment. Workspace Technology supports a range of solutions ideally suited to Pods including Schneider Electric’s APC Netbotz environmental concentrator, Schneider Electric StruxureWare Expert centralised management platform and StruxureWare Operations Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software.

Workspace Technology’s pre-fabricated Modular & Mobile Data Centres are delivered pre-tested and ready for hook-up to site power & I.T services. Our delivery team will take care of all aspects including transportation, contract crane lifts, final power and I.T hook-up and final site testing in preparation to handover ready for deployment of server equipment. 

Workspace Technology’s turnkey solutions offer typically also includes on-site works such as structural design, concrete base construction, perimeter security fencing and installation of service ducts and I.T & Power feeds in preparation for the delivery and positioning of the pre-engineered Modular & Mobile Data Centre solution.

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For more information on our full range of Technical Prefabricated Modular Data Centre, Telecoms Cabins and SCIF products and services please contact our Sales Team on 0121 354 4894 or send us a message to discuss your project.

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