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CyberCube™ – Deployable Technical Enclosures & Shelters

Workspace Technology’s CyberCube™ Deployable Technical Enclosures & Shelters are ideal for defence sector field based applications that demand enhanced security levels similar to Secure Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF). CyberCube™ portable building applications include but are not limited to Unmanned Arial Vehicles (UAV) Control Rooms, Command & Control Centres and Tactical Field Data Centres.

Workspace Technology’s CyberCube™ deployable buildings are designed to ensure that classified information and control functions are fully secure and protected from external eaves dropping or interference with their operations.

With nearly 20 years experience of designing and building data centres for commercial and defence applications, Workspace Technology’s expert team can develop bespoke Deployable Technical Enclosures & Shelters in compliance with a range of defence standards.

CyberCube™ Deployable Technical Enclosures & Shelters are typically based on 6m to 12m (20ft / 40ft) high bay or standard height ISO containers which can be fitted with a range of hook lift skids or tailorized units for enhanced mobility and ease of deployment. We can also offer a bespoke Pre-fabricated building format.

CyberCube™ Multi-Layer Information Protection

CyberCube™ Deployable Technical Enclosures & Shelters deliver Multi-Layer Information Protection based on a combination of security layers dependent upon the application:

RF Secure ….Full RF Protective Shield

A vital part of the security is the provision of Electromagnetic Protection or EMP Shielding in compliance with UK, NATO and international security and performance standards. The EMP Shielding is vital to protect the structure from EMP type attacks, possibly launched hundreds of kilometres away and outside a country's borders.

  • NSA 94-106 Compliant
  • Eliminating EMC Radiation
  • Protection from Electronic Eaves Dropping
  • Aluminium Foil Lined
  • RF Secure Outer Access Door
  • Integrated RF Filtration for All Services

Sound Proofed….Full Acoustic Protection

CyberCube™ buildings incorporate acoustic protection through a combination of fresh air intake / extract attenuators and an inner acoustic wall panelling system to prevent audibility outside of the secure space.

  • Eliminating Sound Emissions
  • Protecting from Local Eaves Dropping
  • Conversations Remain Within The “Group”
  • Lined With Acoustic Sound Attenuation Panels
  • Inline Attenuators for Fresh Air Systems

Attack Resistant….CPNI Certified Perimeter Shell

Construction options include LPS1175 SR4 or pre-engineered CPNI certified modular walling systems to provide enhanced physical Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility protection.

  • Physically Secured Space
  • 10 Minutes CPNI Base Standard
  • Options for Blast & Bullet Proof Systems
  • CPNI Secure Door & Locking Systems
  • Air Vents Fitted With CPNI Grilles

Blast & Ballistic Resistant….Personnel Safety

Where CyberCube™ are deployed in high risk front line environments we can offer select blast & ballistics protected containers to provide a higher degree of safety for occupants.

  • Safe and Secure
  • Bespoke design

CyberCube™ Applications

CyberCube™ Deployable Technical Enclosures & Shelters can be configured to support a range of defence applications including:

Tactical Deployable Data Centre (TDDC)

Workspace Technology’s “All In One” Bespoke Deployable Mobile data centre is ideally suited to defence applications and can be adapted to support a wide range of rack counts and kilowatt densities.

Tactical Deployable Communications & Information Systems (TDCIS)

Command & Control

Workspace Technology offers bespoke Command & Control facilities to suit individual applications allowing personnel to coordinate, and control forces and operations in the accomplishment of the mission. We offer a range of internal fit out options including but not limited to power, I.T, comfort cooling, communications interfacing and many more.

Unmanned Vehicle Control (UAV, UGU, UUV)

Workspace Technology’s SecureCube can be adapted to a wide range of applications but is particularly suited to Unmanned Vehicle Control. Wrapping the Unmmaned Control facility with a secure SCIF environment provides enhanced protection from external interference with control functions.

Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF)

Deployable Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities are designed for communicating classified information helping to prevent data leakage of sensitive security information. Our deployable SCIF’s can be bespoke to support each unique applications.

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