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Prefabrication Construction for Technical Applications

Prefabrication construction for technical applicationsWorkspace Technology offers a unique range of flexible and efficient Technical Prefabricated Buildings for Mobile and Modular applications suited for a wide range of uses including:

Why Use Technical Prefabricated & Pre Engineered Solutions?

Unlike traditional construction using bricks and mortar which has significant limitations when it comes to relocation, our modular and mobile pre-fabricated solutions allow portability and flexible deployment for a range of applications.

Our prefabrication production facility allows buildings, pods or cabins to be pre-engineered, tested and commissioned prior to delivery in a controlled environment. The prefab unit can then be transported to your location with ease.

This agile approach allows your business to closely couple Data Centre, Telecoms or Sensitive Compartmented Infrastructure expansion and associated capital investment in line with capacity demands.

Why Choose Workspace Technology5 Reasons to Choose Workspace Technology

Quality - We guarantee to use only the highest standard of raw construction materials and components for the assembly of your modular building.

Innovation - We are committed to providing advanced technology and always research the latest technical fabrication techniques and equipment.

Flexibility - We offer customers design and assembly flexibility, building bespoke buildings and cabins to suit your exact needs.

Service - We work with you throughout your project and offer a range of support services to offer you peace of mind.

Safety - We quality control all of our buildings to ensure ongoing safety.