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Modular Data Centre Manufacturers

  • Workspace Technology is an unrivalled manufacturer of high-quality modular data centres to suit your data needs
  • So what are the modern methods of modular data centre construction?
  • Workspace’s ModularEdge™ Data Centre Solutions simplify the construction of modular data centres, promising rapid deployment & unmatched scalability

The Modular Data Centre.

Modular Data Centres are not a new concept; whether your understanding of a modular data centre is that of a self-contained prefabricated module or as modular components (Cooling, Power, Racks etc.) that collectively form a data centre infrastructure, they have been around for some time now.

Compared to traditional construction methods of technical buildings, the modular approach to building data centres was way ahead of the curve. Still, like all great ideas and concepts, they have to move with the times, continually evolving, or become outdated and no longer fit for purpose.

With the significant rise of digital services, coupled with the drive to reduce carbon emissions, energy consumption, cost, and the time to deploy, the delivery of the next generation of modular data centres is entering a new and exciting phase.

Modern Methods of Construction

The UK Government, in its Construction Playbook, along with many leading organisations within the data centre industry, have identified the multiple benefits of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC).

So, what are Modern Methods of Construction (MMC)?

MMC is a broad term but essentially refers to off-site manufacturing and on-site installation techniques.

It can be defined as the design, organisation, manufacture, prefabrication, and pre-engineering of 2D and 3D construction systems in a factory environment, prior to on-site installation.

MMC, Offsite Construction, has the potential to deliver significant improvements in productivity, efficiency, and quality over traditional methods of construction.

Modern Methods of Modular Data Centre Construction

The rapid rise of data-producing devices and the need by data centre operators to provide facilities closer to the point where the data is produced has seen significant demand for distributed or ‘Edge’ Data Centres.

In line with the UK government’s preference for Modern Methods of Construction, these ‘Edge’ Data Centres should be prefabricated, pre-engineered and pre-tested in a factory environment so that they can be delivered to site ‘plug and play’ ready.

Providing data centre owners/operators with the benefits associated with MMC: -

  • Rapid Deployment
  • Lower cost to deploy
  • Energy Efficient
  • Lower Carbon Footprint
  • Improved Quality
  • Secure and Resilient Technical Infrastructure
  • Scalable

ModularEdge™ …...Rapid Build Data Centre Solutions

Workspace Technology’s ModularEdge™ Data Centre Solutions provides data centre owners and operators with rapidly deployable, factory-produced data centre’s, which are simply ‘installed’ on-site rather than ‘built’ on-site.

‘ModularEdge™’ uses Modern Methods of Off-site Construction to produce and install a mix of prefabricated, pre-engineered, 2D & 3D standalone and volumetric modules that effortlessly combine to form a single Edge Data Centre facility.

‘ModularEdge™’ simplifies the construction of complex data centres. Using standardised factory-produced modules provides many benefits over the traditional construction of modular data centres.

  • Lower costs
  • Matches investment costs with revenue growth
  • Faster availability
  • Scalable
  • Reduction in construction energy use
  • Reduction in waste materials
  • Improved quality & efficiency
  • Reduction in transportation emissions
  • Greater social value
  • Safer working conditions

Workspace Technology’s ‘ModularEdge™’ scalable architecture matches investment with revenue growth.

On-site installation of a 200 ModularEdge™ Data Centre to preprepared civil work is in the region of 90 days.

‘ModularEdge™’ - Edge Data Centre Architecture

‘ModularEdge™’ is designed to support Edge Nodes and medium-sized Edge Data Centres, typically with a rack count of between 100 and 250 (2MVA to 3MVA).

‘ModularEdge™ volumetric modular construction of Edge Data Centres is delivered by connecting together four core prefabricated modules.

  • The Data Hall
  • Meet-me Welfare Block
  • CoolCube™
  • PowerCube™

The Data Hall

The principal module of the Edge Data Facility is a Steel framed building fitted with modular walling systems and made up of Offsite manufactured 2D components, with pre-formed apertures for the connection of mechanical and electrical services. Single span structure allows for up to 260 rack population, and Data Hall modules can be placed side by side for increased rack capacity.

Free Standing Cold/Hot Aisle frames complete with power allow the data centre operator to independently populate the frame in line with customer and operational growth.

Workspace Technology’s design team will design the Data Hall to suit the customer’s preference.

‘Meet-me Welfare Block’ – A prefabricated 2 or 3D module added to the principal Data Hall can contain a variety of workspaces, typically ‘Meet-Me Rooms, Build Rooms, Reception areas and Welfare facilities.

CoolCube™ A prefabricated, pre-engineered & tested cooling module that connects to the principal Data Hall via pre-formed apertures; each module will provide between 120kW and 300 kW, cooling technology, and airflow arrangements will be designed to suit the Data Centre operator’s application and rack power densities.

The modular and scalable nature of the CoolCube™ allows an increase in cooling capacity to grow in line with operators’ revenue and rack count.

CoolCube™ is prefabricated, pre-engineered and tested off-site at Workspace Technology’s UK production facility, which means they can be installed and become operational within days of arriving on site, as opposed to the traditional Onsite construction process that can take months to build.

PowerCube™ A prefabricated, pre-engineered & tested power module that includes Switchgear and UPS systems that connects to the principal Data Hall via pre-formed apertures. The PowerCube™ typically provides a range of 250kVA through to 2MVA, usually configured to Tier II or Tier 3 resilient standards.

The modular and scalable nature of the PowerCube™ allows for additional power capacity as required by Data Centre operators to increase in line with revenue growth, the number of racks or rack power densities. PowerCube™ modules can be joined together or stacked.

PowerCube™ is prefabricated, pre-engineered and tested off-site at Workspace Technology’s UK production facility, which means they can be installed and become operational within days of arriving on site, as opposed to the traditional Onsite construction process that can take months to build.

Workspace Technology’s ‘ModularEdge™’ Data Centre Construction Benefits

  • ModularEdge™ is the complete solution for the rapid provision of lower cost, low carbon, efficient, sustainable, and resilient Edge Data Centre Facilities.
  • Expert Turnkey Solution, Workspace Technology will coordinate the delivery of all elements of the ModularEdge™ Data Centre facility, including Design, Planning, Surveys, Site Preparation, Civil Works, Offsite Production of Modules, and Onsite Installation, Commissioning and ongoing Support and Maintenance. Workspace Technology takes complete Design and Build responsibility.
  • Approved independent Building Regulations Officers are engaged to guarantee Full Compliance & Certification of our ‘ModularEdge™’ Installations.
  • Centrally located UK prefabricated technical buildings production facility.
  • Established Proven Supply Chain Partners
  • Workspace Technology has a 17 Year Track Record of Design, Build & Maintenance of Data Centre Solutions Within The UK.

For more information on our full range of Technical Prefabricated ‘Modular Edge’ Data Centre, Telecoms Cabins, Secure Buildings / SCIF & Cube products and services, please contact our Sales Team on 0121 354 4894 or send us a message.

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