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Containerised Data Centre

Containerised Data CentresAnother format of a mobile data centre is as a Containerised Data Centre system. This consists of a customised road/shipping ISO container packed with all the required equipment that simply needs to be hooked up to power and connectivity for it to become operational.

The Containerised Data Centre system delivers advantage over the prefabricated alternative where ongoing portability and flexible transportation is paramount. Workspace Technology’s 2.4m wide, ISO Containerised Data Centre format offers the ideal solution for complete mobility with container lengths ranging from 6m to 12m (20ft / 40ft).

The benefit of a Containerised Data Centre is once it has fulfilled its purpose or its capabilities are no longer sufficient for the job in hand it can be easily removed from the rest of your IT infrastructure and replaced with relative ease with another one that is fit for purpose.

Containerised Data Centre Configuration Options

Workspace Technology’s Containerised Data Centre configurations are bespoke to suit individual client requirements.

Typically, Containerised Data Centre pods can support between 4 to 8 equipment racks with power design densities ranging from 5kW to 30kW.

Typical All-In-One Containerised Data Centre pods are delivered complete with cooling systems, fire suppression & detection, equipment cabinets, power distribution, UPS systems, internal cabling, secure access control, environmental and DCIM management systems.

Following positioning, connection to site services and commissioning of an All-In-One Containerised Data Centre it is ‘server ready’.

Containerised Data Centre Key Features:

  • Server Ready – pre-engineered, and wired ready, for instant deployment of servers.
  • Self-Contained Data Centre– complete with cabinets, cooling, gas fire suppression, UPS and power distribution.
  • Energy and Environmentally Efficient– designed using Workspace Technology's ‘EcoDesign’ best practice principles reducing carbon emissions through design and technology.
  • Rapid Deployment– quick and simple with minimum on-site preparation needed, for immediate functionality.
  • Scalable – Modular ‘right size’ designs and configuration.
  • Resilient Options - N, N+1 and 2N design implementation options.

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Turnkey Containerised Data Centre Installation Services

All our Containerised Data Centre solutions are pre-tested and commissioned so that they are fully ‘server ready’ when delivered to site. The Containerised Data Centre is designed with a simple arrangement for connection to power and water. Within the ‘hook up’ enclosure there is a three-phase connection point for power, copper and fibre ports for I.T and water/waste for A/C systems.

Workspace Technology can also provide holistic installation services incorporating structural design, base construction, security fencing and installation of service ducts as well as electrical and I.T cabling and associated mechanical services pipework and plant.

Our Project Team implements a strict design, review and agreement regime to ensure first time success delivering engineering excellence and innovation for all our Containerised Mobile Data Centre Solutions clients.

For more information on our full range of Containerised Data Centre products and services please contact our Sales Team on 0121 354 4894, or send us a message.

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