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Modular & Mobile Data Centre Build OptionsAs businesses become more reliant on the Internet it is becoming apparent that having your data centre infrastructure closer to the source of the data is crucial. With the need to improve latency speeds and to possess greater control, companies are seeking a more agile solution that can be easily replicated across their operational estate. The solution is a Modular Data Centre (MDC).

Modularity is now at the forefront of contemporary data centre design. The goal is to build a dynamic data centre solution capable of rapid change to meet evolving market demands. With an increased trend for edge computing Modular Data Centres (MDC) are growing in popularity.

MDC solutions provide clients with complete agility by delivering a scalable approach to data centre planning and design, as well as eliminating the need for traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ buildings.

This specialist scalable approach reduces data centre deployment from years and months to weeks, providing pay-as-you-grow infrastructure to match your compute deployment and will typically reduce overall capital expenditure by over 40%.

  • Reduced Capital Outlay
  • Rapid System Deployment
  • Scalable Alternative to Traditional Large-Scale Facilities
  • Pre-Engineered Technology for ‘Plug and Play’ deployment
  • Future Proofed ‘Pay-as-You-Grow’ Infrastructure
  • Creates an Environmentally Greener Data Centre Environment

An additional benefit of a portable, Modular & Mobile Data Centre is once it has fulfilled its purpose or its capabilities and is no longer sufficient for the job in hand it can be easily removed from the rest of your IT infrastructure and replaced with relative ease with another one that is fit for purpose.

Portable Modular & Mobile Data Centre Build Options

Workspace Technology offers a range of Portable Modular & Mobile Data Centre build options to suit a wide range of applications allowing organisations to closely couple data centre expansion and associated capital investment with ICT capacity.

Our Modular & Mobile Data Centre systems can be deployed as 'standalone' units or can be deployed within existing buildings.

Workspace Technology applies the principals of modularity to the design and build of our Portable Modular & Mobile Data Centres. This modular approach utilises pre-engineered and standard manufactured components.

Portable, Modular & Mobile Data Centre Formats Include:

Prefabricated Data Centre - Where installations are ‘static’ and ease of serviceability is paramount, bespoke prefabricated manufactured modular pods with widths ranging from 3.0m to 3.6m and lengths from 6m to 12m.

Prefabricated portable, Modular & Mobile Data Centres offer a practical cost effective alternative to ISO containers.

Prefabricated Modular & Mobile Data Centre housings can also be formed and delivered in two half section buildings, positioned, joined and sealed onsite to form larger “dual aisle” data centre facility or alternatively portable, Modular & Mobile Data Centre pods can also be positioned in clusters and connected via prefabricated link corridors.

The bespoke prefabricated portable, Modular & Mobile Data Centres are attractive to data centre operators because they offer flexible equipment rack access in a similar fashion to a conventional bricks and mortar data centres. Typical rack counts range from 6 to 24, scaling through the deployment of multiple pods.

Containerised Data Centre - Where ongoing portability and flexible transportation is paramount, Workspace Technology’s 2.4m wide, ISO containerised data centre format offers the ideal solution with lengths ranging from 6m to 12m (20ft / 40ft). Typical rack counts range from 4 to 8 where power and cooling systems are fully integrated to create an all-in-one solution.

Modular Data Centre Building Construction  - Modular Data Centre construction utilises steel frame structures and composite panel cladding systems which can be erected both internally (typically within a large open warehouse) or externally to create a standalone Modular Data Centre building with rack counts ranging from 24 to >200.

Workspace Technology provides holistic Modular & Mobile Data Centre installation services incorporating structural design, base construction, security fencing and installation of service ducts as well as electrical and I.T cabling and associated mechanical services pipework and plant.

Our Project Team implements a strict design, review and agreement regime to ensure first time success delivering engineering excellence and innovation for all our Modular & Mobile Data Centre Solutions clients.

Design Your Own Mobile Data Centre

If space is a challenge or you simply need your data centre infrastructure closer to the source then our Modular & Mobile Data Centres are the perfect solution. Contact us to find out how you can gain a competitive edge when it comes to contemporary data centre infrastructure.

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