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Defence Sector Infrastructure

Our specialised service offer delivers critical path infrastructure to a wide range of clients requiring secure solutions including Ministry of Defence, The Police Service, The Financial Services and other key elements of the Defence and Security Sector.

Our team possess a wealth of experience of delivering critical infrastructure to the Defence sector, many of our core personnel are ex-UK Military, SCIDA trained with a detailed understanding of compliance with MOD technical build standards (Defence Standards JSP).

Energy efficiency sits at the core of our solutions and will fulfil the obligations NGEC contractors hold regarding identification of energy savings initiatives. You can be assured that our collaborative approach will deliver robust solutions that will meet both your technical and commercial objectives.

How Workspace Technology Can Help

Need to access data immediately?

24/7 Access – By opting for our On-Premise Data Centre solution you will have full access and control over your data enabling you to access records as and when required with the added reassurance of complete security. With the latest edge data centre technology, latency challenges will be overcome as the data is closer to the end user speeding up associated processes and accessibility.

Can’t afford for equipment failure?

Resilience – We only use products from supply partners with recognised quality credentials and provide proven technology. All our data centre solutions are expertly engineered and all products used conform where applicable to the relevant British (EN) Standards and carry CE, WEEE and RoHS markings.

Need optimum security?

Security – All our installations comply with the requirements of JSP604 – Communication and Information Systems; JSP440 – Security; JSP375 – Health & Safety; SEAP & LPCB – Security Equipment & Infrastructure.

Need to relocate quickly?

Rapid Deployment – Our pre-fabricated modular data centre solutions provide complete flexibility, delivering a scalable approach to data centre planning and design allowing pods to be pre-engineered, tested and commissioned prior to delivery.

Contact us today to see how we can assist you with your Data Centre Infrastructure requirements. From design to completion you can be assured that you are in safe hands with Workspace Technology.