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Fixed Telecom Network Enclosures

Fixed Telecom Network EnclosuresWorkspace Technology has been delivering advantages to our clients in the telecoms and communications sector for many years, providing a full end-to-end process from design, fabrication, fit-out, and installation to support services, preventative maintenance and beyond. Through the implementation of our modular approach and expertly engineered infrastructure solutions, we have become a trusted supplier of a wide range of fixed line and mobile applications in the telecoms, broadcast, and data industries. 

All of our infrastructure is designed and developed by our expert engineers who create bespoke solutions to offer you the unique power and cooling options you require for your exact usage. In addition, we know that most enclosures in this industry are located on street sides and so security is of the utmost importance.All of our prefabricated solutions are designed to be located externally or within an existing building, offering safety, security, and efficient operation, no matter the location.

Common applications that we cater for include new telecommunications networks consisting of Fixed Telecommunications Network enclosures (FTN) and wireless Global Systems for Mobile Communications - Railway (GSM-R). This provides a telecommunication network to support professionals in rail, transport, and similar industries. 

Other common uses of our telecommunication cabinets include: 

  • Fibre Repeater & Landing Stations
  • FEX (Fibre Exchange)
  • MEC (Multi-Access Edge Computing)
  • Tower / Radar Equipment Enclosures
  • Cell Sites 5G and other 5G Applications
  • Internet Service Providers
  • RAN (Radio Access Network)
  • And many more! 

Our turnkey prefabricated solutions for the communications market offer a range of benefits to the customer including maximised energy efficiency and reduced ongoing operational costs. Our innovative approach to design and installation means that we can develop and configure enclosures to meet the specific requirements of our clients’ specifications with a range of options including power, cooling, rack infrastructure, cabling, DC rectifiers/inverters, UPS, CCTV, access control fire protection, and ongoing management and monitoring. 

Key benefits our customers in this sector enjoy include: 

  • A complete turnkey package including design, build, and installation with 24/7 support
  • Highly resilient data centre grade infrastructure
  • Energy efficient approach to reduce carbon emissions
  • Cost-effective solution 
  • Scalable approach with pay as your grow ability
  • Ready for hook-up to site power for instant deployment of fixed line or mobile telco-equipment

For award-winning solutions delivered and commissioned to organisations across the UK and Europe, get in touch with Workspace Technology today. Our state-of-the-art technology combined with our agile approach meets the demand of our clients in the communication sector, offering efficient, secure, and sustainable solutions that provide continued peace of mind. To speak to a professional engineer, please call us on 0121 354 4894, send an email to or click here to fill out our contact form. 

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