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The Benefits and Applications of Prefabricated Technical Buildings.

Prefabricated technical buildings and enclosures are increasingly being deployed across all market sectors and for a range of technical applications. Here are some examples of those applications and some of the benefits of deploying Prefabricated Buildings.

enclosure manufacturer for data centres telecoms scifsApplications

The digital transformation of new and existing business processes, customer experience, culture & work has led to a huge increase in the type of infrastructure required to support the delivery of these digital products and services, including:

  • Data Centres
  • Telecoms Cabins
  • Fibre Exchanges
  • Power Pods

Security is also a driving factor. Whilst the Military and Security Services have long deployed SCIFs (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) – secure buildings that are designed for communicating classified information in official capacities such asnational intelligence, national security and defence functions – this type of industrial-strength infrastructure is increasingly being deployed by commercial organisations to prevent cyber attacks and theft of IP and data.


Prefabricated off-site manufactured technical buildings and facilities enable organisations to plan accurately and then quickly deploy the required infrastructure, rather than wait months and years for traditional on-site methods of constructing technical buildings. Of course, because the technical building is transportable, it can be located directly at the point where it is required.


Off-site, prefabricated buildings provide organisations with the most sustainable solution in the provision of critical infrastructure.

  • Energy & Emissions

Off-site prefabrication is sustainable because the facilities are produced in an energy-efficient factory environment where energy and emissions are more easily controlled than construction sites.

Travel and transport emissions are reduced as locally employed personnel carry out construction and supply chain transport delivers to a single location producing multiple buildings, rather than to numerous national sites.

Off-site fabrication ensures that there are none of the carbon emissions associated with on-site construction work.

  • Recycling

Prefabricated technical buildings produced by Workspace Technology Ltd are made almost exclusively from recyclable and reusable materials.

  • Waste

The use of pre-engineered COTS components in the production of prefabricated buildings means virtually zero waste. In addition, once dispatched to site, the prefabricated buildings are directly installed to a prepared location generating little or no “construction site’” waste.

  • Social Value

Production facilities can be located in areas where there may be high unemployment, providing work for both individuals with the required skillsets and those wishing to train up. In addition, the use of multi-skilled operatives ensures sustainable skill sets throughout the workforce.

Off-site construction ensures there is much fewer of the usual disruptions, of dust, noise, increased traffic etc., to communities local to traditional building sites.

  • Quality

The prefabricated buildings are produced entirely within a modern “clean room” factory environment, ensuring they are built exactly in accordance with the specification and design intent.

  • Cost

The prefabricated building is produced at a fixed cost, where multiple facilities are produced to the same specification. As a result, increased factory efficiency provides customer organisations with significant cost savings.

As the buildings are produced within a factory environment, the risk of cost rises due to delays caused by weather or other environmental factors that are often encountered with on-site construction is removed.

  • Delivery

Delivery and completion dates are far more accurate as the off-site factory production of the buildings is not subject to the sort of delays typically associated with on-site construction.

Why work with Workspace Technology Ltd

Workspace Technology’s newly opened prefabricated technical building manufacturing facility is the only one of its type in the UK. Located centrally in the West Midlands, it provides modern factory production of custom data centres, telecoms cabins, power pods and SCIFs (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities).

Workspace Technology’s complete in-house provision includes full technical project design and build operations, site preparation, production of the prefab technical facility, transportation and offloading, site commissioning and 24/7/365 expert support, maintenance and service contracts.

Contact us at or call 0121 354 4894.

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