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Data Centres UK – The Complete Guide to UK Data Centres

Data Centres UK - The Complete Guide to UK Data CentresWhy the need for data centres? 

Data centres play a huge role in the UK and are the backbone behind many operations, services, and technologies we use every day! In a world thats ever more reliant on information technology, the cloud, and digitisation, data centres provide physical facilities to store, share, and manage the data we rely on daily. 

Modular data centres are especially popular because they provide space, power, and cooling systems for servers and connections to local communication networks and can be located precisely where you need them! Common industries that rely on data centres include telecommunications, railways, power, security, and defence. 

Why choose modular data centres?

The modular approach to construction has become increasingly popular in recent years, with data centres utilising various components and prefabricated and standard building blocks to create a customised infrastructure that perfectly suits their business needs. 

A significant benefit to business owners is that this allows their infrastructure to grow in line with their business, offering a scalable solution that enables you to ramp up capacity when required. 

Once constructed, they can be transported directly to the site where they will be used and are ready for use straight away. They can be erected both internally and externally, and once in place, create a standalone building that serves your purpose precisely. 

This offers customers a quick, secure, and cost-effective option compared with traditional construction techniques that lack flexibility and take longer to prepare and install. 

Our production facility

Mobile Data Centres production facility is based in a central UK location in Sutton Coldfield in the Midlands, providing speedy delivery services to all UK locations. 

This is the site where all of our mobile and modular data centres are prefabricated, pre-engineered, and FAT certified before dispatch to your site. In addition, our professional production facility allows us to offer the highest services of data centre construction, shortening lead times for site deployment to hours and days rather than weeks or months - a real benefit for customers! 

Our production facility provides a complete range of prefabricated mobile technical buildings, from Powerpods and Fibre Exchange Cabins for the Telecoms Industry to Mobile Data Centres, Bit Mining Modules, and SCIFS (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities). In addition, we can also provide solutions for a range of unique and highly specialised technical building applications.

Our new production facility results from significant investment by Workspace Technology into the local and national economy, demonstrating our commitment to bringing new and innovative technical building solutions to the market.

UK data centre solutions from Workspace Technology 

For low maintenance, energy-efficient solutions, choose a modular data centre from Workspace Technology. Our unique range of flexible and efficient server readysolutions offer security, cooling, fire suppression, and effective management and monitoring. Please find out more today by calling 0121 354 4894 or contacting us by filling out our contact form.

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