Prefabricated Building Site Preparation Services

Site preparation is key allowing Technical Prefabricated, Mobile Data Centre, Telecoms Cabins, SCIF’s, Power Housings etc. to be transported directly to site following Factory Acceptance Testing. By ensuring sites are prepared in advance this will ensure timescales are reduced and will eliminate potential deployment delays.

As part of our Technical Prefabricated Building offer Workspace Technology provides an extensive range of site services incorporating structural design, surveys, groundworks, provision of service ducts, electrical and I.T cabling and associated mechanical services.

Site Planning & Preparation

Workspace Technology’s Team can provide a range of Site Planning, Site Investigation and Preparation Services.

Where deemed appropriate our team can arrange for Geo-Technical and GPS Surveys to clarify ground conditions, identify if contamination is present and to locate existing services. Detailed surveys will identify unknowns and can help avoid downstream cost overruns where conditions are found to be unfavourable.

Additionally, Workspace Technology’s design team can develop site positioning drawings and working with our Structural Engineer partners calculate and create detailed structural foundation drawings in preparation for groundworks.

Workspace Technology preparation services includes the provision of groundworks in order to provide suitable bases to support Prefab Building deployments including trenches, ducting, access pits, structural concrete foundations, lightning protection rings / nests, service paths and soft ground re-instatement works.

Mechanical & Electrical Services

Workspace Technology’s Design Team can also provide design & planning for power and mechanical services as required to support input or output links between external plant or buildings and the Prefabricated Mobile Data Centre, Telecoms Cabin, Power Housing etc.

In advance of the Technical Prefab delivery our installations teams can install services in accordance with agreed designs. These typically include power in/ power out, local generator power and controls connections, cold water feeds and chilled water pipework and chiller systems.

Typically, services will remain isolated and “coiled” in preparation for final “hook-up”.

Site I.T Connections

Where fibre optic, copper or other Building Management links are required again similar to power and mechanical services Workspace Technology can offer Design, Planning and Installation services in preparation for the Technical Prefabricated Building Deployment.

For more information on our full range of Prefabricated Modular Data Centre, Telecoms Cabin. Power Pods and SCIF products and services please contact our Sales Team on 0121 354 4894 or send us a message.

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