Prefabricated Building – Site Preparation Services 

As part of Workspace Technology’s Technical Prefabricated Building offer, we provide an extensive range of site preparation services including:

  • Site Planning & Design
  • Structural Calculations & Design
  • Geotech & GPS Surveys
  • Civil & Groundwork Services
  • Mechanical & Electrical Services
  • I.T Cabling

By preparing the landing site in advance this allows the Technical Prefabricated, DataCube, Telecoms Cabins, SecureCube SCIF’s or PowerCube Power Housings to be shipped to site with no delay once Factory Acceptance Testing is complete eliminating potential deployment delays.

Site Planning & Design

Workspace Technology’s design team can work with and advise your facilities team to agree the best location. Once agreed our team can develop detailed site plans including suitable power and I.T cable access routes.

Structural Calculations & Design

As part of a turnkey Prefabricated Technical Building solution we can engage Structural Engineering partners to perform calcs and to produce details foundation drawings in preparation for groundworks.

Geotech & GPS Surveys

Due to the potential weight of a fully loaded Prefabricated Technical Building it is advisable to undertake a geotechnical investigation to test the physical properties of the soil, to provide recommendations for foundation requirements, excavation stability, drainage, buried concrete design and to identify contamination characteristics.

Where ground services are unknown GPS surveying will provide high accuracy mapping to reveal ground services which may be present and could impact on the positioning or design arrangements.

Workspace Technology recommends that Geotech & GPS surveys are performed in advance to provide the data input for both Site Planning & Structural Design process.

Civil & Groundwork Services

Our groundwork services include the construction of trenches, ducting, access pits, structural concrete foundations & plinths, lightning protection rings / nests, service paths and soft ground re-instatement works. Completing civil & groundworks in advance ensures the Technical Prefabricated building can shipped directly to site from the production facility.

Mechanical & Electrical Services

Workspace Technology can also provide design, planning & installation for all power and mechanical services as required to support input or output links between external plant or buildings and the Prefabricated Technical Building. Services typically include power in/ power out, local generator power and controls connections, cold water feeds and chilled water pipework and chiller systems.

Mechanical & electrical services are installed once the civil works are complete, where services are buried, works are synchronised with the civil works team. Typically, services will remain isolated and “coiled” in preparation for final “hook-up”

I.T Cabling

Where Fibre Optic, Copper or other Building Management links are required again similar to power and mechanical services Workspace Technology can offer Design, Planning and Installation services in preparation for the Technical Prefabricated Building Deployment.

For more information on our full range of Prefabricated Modular Data Centre, Telecoms Cabin. Power Pods and SCIF products and services please contact our Sales Team on 0121 354 4894 or send us a message.

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