Planned Preventative Data Centre Maintenance

Workspace Technology delivers a comprehensive range of expert 24/7 service, support and optimisation plans designed to provide ongoing support for your Technical Prefabricated Building.

Our Maintenance & Support team provides an array of expert services including; Planned Preventative Maintenance, Emergency Call Out Cover, Remote Monitoring, Optimisation and Facilities Management plans designed to ensure ongoing reliability and availability for your Portable Data Centre, Telecoms Cabin, Power Pod or other specialist applications.

Our Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) delivers a range of scheduled maintenance and software/firmware upgrade services.

Workspace Technology provides Planned Preventative Maintenance service plan options on a range of Portable Data Centre infrastructure including; Air Conditioning, Chilled Water Systems, Free Cooling Installations, Generator Systems, Fire Suppression, UPS uninterruptible power supplies, environmental monitoring, management and associated mission critical infrastructure.

Planned Preventative Maintenance includes:

Equipment Servicing - Planned preventative maintenance (PPM) is performed by qualified and experienced Service Engineers in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. Depending on the equipment typical PPM servicing is performed on a quarterly, bi-annual or annual basis.

Consumable Replacement - During equipment servicing, system consumables are inspected, cleaned or replaced in order to ensure the plant continued to operate at its optimum performance.

Pre-emptive Component Replacement - Planned preventative service visits help identify parts that are near end of life or showing signs of wear. This enables component replacement to take place in a controlled fashion helping avoid unplanned failures.

Core Preventative Maintenance Services include:

Air Conditioning Systems - Workspace Technology offers support for a complete range of planned preventative maintenance of, Schneider Electric / APC, FlaktGroup / Denco, Airedale, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Chilled Water systems and other third-party A/C systems. Our service contracts will include appropriate consumables as required for each system.

Evaporative Air Conditioning Systems - Workspace Technology offers support for a complete range planned preventative maintenance of our industry leading Freecool® evaporative free air-cooling systems and associated infrastructure.

Chiller Plant & Chiller Systems - Workspace Technology offers support for a complete range planned preventative maintenance of a wide range of mechanical, free cooling and adiabatic chillers, pipework and associated pumps, valves and control systems.

Fire Suppression & Detection - Workspace Technology provides planned preventative maintenance services packages for a complete range of Very Early Smoke Detection (VESDA) systems, data centre fire suppression systems including Novec, ProInert, FM200 fire suppression and other open standard systems detection systems.

Rectifier / UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) - Workspace Technology supports APC, Riello, MGE, Emerson and other third part UPS systems. PPM Maintenance Service Options include annual inspections, load bank testing and battery replacement services.

Generators - Workspace Technology offers PPM Maintenance for a complete range of Himoinsa and all other third-party generator systems from 10kW to 3Mva. PPM Maintenance Service plan options include annual load bank testing and fuel system maintenance.

Additional planned preventative maintenance services include, but are not limited to, Management & Monitoring Systems, Switchgear and Electrical Systems, and Security Systems.

Workspace Technology also offers a range of Enhanced Maintenance Services to complement our range of service plans.

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