Enhanced Support Services

Workspace Technology offers a wide range of enhanced Technical Prefabricated Building (Modular Data Centre’s / Telecoms Cabins, Power Pods etc.) maintenance services designed to complement our core maintenance services.

Enhanced Technical Prefabricated Building Maintenance Service plan options include, but are not limited to;

Site Engineer Visits

Workspace Technology provides Engineer Site visits to complement existing equipment orientated PPM servicing by ensuring that general supporting infrastructure is in good working order.

The Site Engineer will attend site to undertake a series of inspections, testing, lubrications, adjustments and repairs on a range of Modular Data Centre items.

Generator Load Bank Testing

Diesel engines should run at least 60-75% of their maximum rated load. Short periods of low load running are permissible providing the set is brought up to full load, or close to full load on a regular basis. Problems associated with running at low loads include, internal glazing, carbon build up, low cylinder pressures and poor piston ring sealing.

Generator Load Bank Testing will help clear carbon build up and improve reliability of the generator installation.

Smart Hands 

Workspace Technology's Smart Hands service provides Modular Data Centre or Telecoms Cabin operators access to experienced engineering resources to undertake a range of tasks at competitive prices. Works include I.T & power cabling installations, rack & aisle containment infrastructure builds, surveys, asset tracking, patching, testing services, rack and stacking of equipment hardware. We also offer a first-class ‘white glove’ service to assist with large scale installation projects.

Fuel Polishing Services

Water build-up occurs through condensation contaminating fuel providing greater risk of failure to start. In addition, fuel has a 7-8% bio content, the life of this fuel is 12 months before the bio elements start to break down resulting in deposits and bio mass build up.

Fuel polishing will ensure fuel quality is maintained and prevent failure to start due to degraded fuel quality.

UPS Load Bank Testing

Rectifier / UPS load bank, discharge and impedance testing enables the true performance of batteries to be observed.

Rectifier / UPS Load bank testing batteries performed as part of a Modular Data Centre, Telecoms Cabin or Power Pod maintenance contract will help identify battery problems and enable advanced corrective works.

Fire Suppression Room Sealing 

Room integrity should be maintained within the Technical Prefabricated Building space protected by fire suppression systems. Failure to do so may lead to non-performance of the fire suppression system on activation.

Room Inspection & Sealing Works will ensure minimum room integrity is maintained, ensuring performance of Fire Suppression Systems on activation.

ISO14644 Technical Cleans

Particles, gasses and other contaminants can impact the sustained operations of the computer hardware in a data centre.

Modular Data Centre and Telecoms environments therefore need to be cleaned on a regular basis to maintain the environmental quality of the room and to prevent build-up of contamination.

Workspace Technology also offers a range of Audits and Survey services designed to complement our maintenance services.

For more information on our full range of Modular Data Centre Maintenance and Support Services please contact our sales team on 0121 354 4894 or send us a message.

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