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Data centre solutions from Workspace Technology LtdCloud and edge data centre solutions expertly engineered.

Whilst the backbone of cloud services requires hyperscale data centre infrastructure, today’s increasing reliance on “edge” technology for the provision of digital services has caused a boom in physically smaller premises. They are situated closer to the populations they serve, resulting in reduced latency and an improved customer experience overall.

These expertly engineered “edge” data centres represent a digital transformation. They are often prefabricated, pre-engineered facilities, produced in a factory environment and deployed server-ready for immediate use.

The escalating need for “multi” edge computing (which includes 5G services) is fuelling an increase in demand for prefabricated data centres. These agile and secure solutions provide a range of commercial and operational benefits:

Mobile – they can be speedily deployed to the customer’s location of choice.

Modular – scalable with demand, they cost a lot less than bricks and mortar in terms of capital outlay and ongoing operational costs.

Prefabricated mobile and modular solutions from Workspace Technology harness energy-efficient technology and are manufactured solely in the UK. That means a lower carbon footprint for your business and the wider supply chain.


Modular and mobile data centres and telecoms – the future of work

Leading industry commentators estimate that as much as 75% of data processing will soon take place at the “edge”, e.g. Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, Smart Cities and 5G.

Workspace Technology Ltd has been innovating prefabricated data centres since 2009. This year, in response to the rise in demand for prefabricated options and other technical facilities, we are proud to boast a brand new production facility based in central England.


Why choose a prefabricated unit?

Key features:

  • Prefabricated, pre-engineered and factory tested, all off-site before deployment.
  • Self-contained: racks, cooling, gas fire suppression, UPS and power distribution all included in the build.
  • Unparalleled cyber security: highly secure, SR2-SR6 and CPNI rated, where required.
  • Protected: EMP, RF and acoustic shielding
  • Ruggedised: fire, heat and water-resistant.
  • Resilient: N+1 and 2N options.
  • Managed service: ongoing peace of mind knowing the facility is maintained and monitored.

Main benefits:

  • Rapid deployment: minimal on-site preparation needed for immediate “plug and play” functionality.
  • Scalable: modular “right-size” architecture to grow in line with computing requirements.
  • Energy-efficient: reducing carbon emissions and improving efficiency through the effective use of technology.
  • Economically efficient: typically 40% lower costs compared to traditional construction.
  • Optimally designed: using a “Commercial Off The Shelf” (COTS) packaged approach.
  • UK manufactured: reducing customers project risk and supply chain carbon footprint.

Our short video explains more.


Why choose Workspace Technology Ltd?

Workspace Technology Ltd have been expertly engineering Data Centre Design and Build and Support Services since 2005, we provide turnkey solutions in house, our modular, pre-fabricated, pre-engineered data centres and other technical buildings are manufactured in the UK in our own production facility.


You can read more about our prefabricated data centre solutions here, or why not get in touch to discuss your requirements: 0121 354 4894 or:

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