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Data Centre Design and Build

Data Centre Design and Build by Workspace TechnologyThe Options

The data centre market continues to grow at a significant rate and is driven by digital transformation in IoT, AI, 5G, hybrid and edge infrastructures, and new working practices.

Countries’ security and economies are increasingly reliant on digitisation and the need for robust, efficient, agile and scalable data centre infrastructure.

One of the challenges for Govt, Enterprises and Data Centre Operators is to provide new data centre infrastructure quickly enough to match the rapid growth of digital technologies

There are four core construction techniques used to deliver new data centre infrastructure solutions:

1. Traditional New Build

This is where the data centre is built from the ground up using bricks and mortar; then, the “white space” is subsequently fitted out. To deliver successfully on this format, there needs to be a method of robustly co-ordinating and project managing principal contractors, e.g. civil, construction and general contractors, including M&E and IT equipment vendors and system integrators. Controlling costs and delivery timescales can be challenging, and completion of this type of construction is often measured in years, so it’s not the fastest way to deploy new data centre infrastructure.

2. Modular New Build

This is where the data centre is constructed using a prefabricated steel frame and panelled wall system fitted to a pre-installed concrete foundation. The white space fit-out is then carried out in much the same way as the traditional build. However, this method allows better control of costs and will speed up deployment (usually in under a year). Additionally, if a data centre design and build specialist is employed to provide a turnkey solution, then this method also removes some of the challenges presented by the management of multiple contractors.

3. Renovation or re-fit of existing premises

The creation of the Data Centre White Space and Technical Fit-out, within an existing building, either using the in-situ building fabric or the creation of a six-sided box made from a composite walling system, dependent on size this method of data centre construction will yet further reduce deployment time to between 9 – 12 months

4. Modular prefabricated data centres

While a significant proportion of data centre infrastructure will be built using the three construction methods above, the use of modular prefabricated data centres (MPDCs) as the preferred method of creating new data centre infrastructure is increasing significantly.

These modular data centres are prefabricated, pre-engineered and fitted out with all the required technical, mechanical and electrical systems and are subject to factory acceptance and integrated systems testing before delivery to the site.

Modular prefabricated data centres can be deployed in as little as 12 weeks, significantly less than any of the other construction techniques. Another great advantage of this method of provision is that the complete data centre is produced within a modern “clean room” factory environment, ensuring greater control of costs, quality, and delivery schedules.


Of all the data centre construction techniques, the prefabricated data centre is the only method that will keep pace with the ever-increasing demand for digital services. Not only will this system keep up with demand, but it is also the most efficient method of deployment.

The modular architecture allows enterprises to scale data centre infrastructure in line with growth in device, compute, networking and storage demands.

data centre designPrefabricated Data Centre Production Facility.

Workspace Technology’s newly opened prefabricated technical building facility is the only one of its type in the UK. Located centrally in the West Midlands, it provides modern factory production of data centres, telecoms cabins, power pods and SCIF’s (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities).

Workspace Technology’s complete in-house provision includes full technical design and build operations, site preparation, production of the prefab technical facility, transportation and offloading, site commissioning and 24/7/365 support and maintenance contracts.

For more details of our comprehensive prefab build services, please contact us at or 0121 362 7770.

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