Data Centre Cooling

The Options For Mobile & Modular Data Centres

  • Data centres utilise large amounts of energy & electricity, which can lead to overheating, making cooling systems of fundamental importance to your operations
  • A look at Workspace Technology’s Data Centre Cooling Solutions
  • What systems do we offer & what are the options for Mobile & Modular Data Centres?

Data centres utilise large amounts of energy and electricity to keep them working efficiently, especially if they are operating 24/7. This, in turn, produces a lot of heat, which, if not controlled, can lead to overheating, which can have a catastrophic impact on your data centre equipment, resulting in damage, repair and replacement costs. Overheating can also cause fire hazards, putting you and your data centre at risk. In order to prevent this, data centres require efficient cooling systems and technology to regulate the temperature of your centre to prevent these problems from occurring. Most data centres deploy air-to-air cooling systems combined with aisle containment. These are designed to deliver cold air to the front of server equipment racks and capture and return hot air to the air handling unit. Other options include chilled water (air to water) and liquid immersion cooling for specialist high-density applications.

Workspace Technology's Data Centre Cooling Solutions:

At Workspace Technology, we design and install a wide range of efficient data-centric cooling technology designed to fit seamlessly with conventional buildings and our range of & prefabricated DataCubes (modular and mobile data centres), as well as our PowerCube solutions, Telecoms Cabins and SecureCube systems.

Which cooling option is correct for you depends on a multitude of factors, such as the format of your data centre (conventional, mobile, modular etc.), energy and environmental efficiency, equipment power rack densities and your own personal preferences. With all of our conventional fitout and technical prefabricated mobile and modular data centres, we offer a turnkey cooling design and installation service.

Our data centre cooling designs incorporate infrastructure such as chilled water/refrigeration pipework, indoor air handling systems and outdoor heat rejection equipment. We also offer a reliable range of high-efficiency chillers with free air-cooling options, including dry coolers, adiabatic coolers and tower systems.

Another thing to consider with data centre cooling is the management of airflow, which is often challenging in prefabricated and containerised mobile and modular systems with limited circulation space. To combat this, our solutions typically include innovative layouts designed to achieve maximum airflow efficiency. Our data centres often have integrated walls which form 'hot' and 'cold' corridors to segregate the two airflows. This solution is often combined with other features such as aisle containment, blanking panels, airflow baffles and brush strips, all to maximise the airflow efficiency of your data centre. This, in turn, promotes and improves your data centre cooling.

Some of our flexible data centre cooling options include:

  • Freecool® Direct Adiabatic Evaporative Free Air Cooling - This innovative low-energy evaporative technology is ideal for both prefabricated and containerised modular and mobile solutions. It helps reduce your data centre's ongoing power consumption and delivers Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) ratings that are significantly better than industry averages.
  • Perimeter Cooling (CRAC) Technology - These Mutli-Denco and Ultra-Denco units are the latest generation of data cooling systems from FläktGroup.
  • In-Row Modular Cooling - InRow Schneider Electric (APC) computer room air conditioning technology provides energy-efficient cooling for a range of data centre environments.
  • Heat Exchange / Rear Rack Door Cooling - The ColdLogik Rear Rack cooling solutions are ideal for data centres where high-density rack cooling is required.

For more information on any of Workspace Technology's Data Centre Cooling solutions, please call our expert Sales Team on 0121 354 4849. Or please click here to contact us.

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