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Data Centre Construction

A Unique Range of Prefabricated Modular & Mobile Buildings

Data Centre Construction by Workspace Technology

  • Workspace Technology design, construct & test a unique range of prefabricated modular & mobile data centres for a wide range of industries & applications
  • A look at our range of prefabricated data centres
  • What data centre construction services do Workspace Technology offer?

Workspace Technology constructs different prefabricated modular and mobile data centres for various industries. Using prefabricated modular buildings has many advantages over traditional 'bricks and mortar' construction. They are pre-engineered, tested and built and can be transported to your desired location easily and quickly. Their effectiveness is measured in a controlled, specialist environment that reduces the risk of faults or problems with your data centre, making them a reliable solution you can trust.

By constructing our data centres off-site, we can guarantee you fast and flexible deployment, as well as the ability to expand. Our prefabricated solutions can expand as you do due to their portability and adaptability to infrastructure changes.

Workspace Technology's Range of Prefabricated Data Centre Products:

DataCubeTM - Our DataCube is an innovative prefabricated modular and mobile data centre adaptable to dynamic industry change. It is a scalable solution that allows you more flexibility and a faster response to changes, all while eliminating the need for 'bricks and mortar' buildings.

ModularEdgeTM - Designed with standardised building blocks to reduce timescales and construction costs, our ModularEdge is a revolutionary prefabricated data centre solution. As part of our 'Pay As You Grow' strategy, this data centre can grow with you, allowing you additional flexibility.

TelcoCubeTM - These prefabricated telecom cabins have been expertly designed to support a range of fixed-line and mobile applications. With cost-effective deployment and unrivalled reliability, these telecom cabins are the ideal solution for the telecoms industry.

SecureCube® - SecureCube is Workspace Technology's high security solution that delivers maximum security and reliability for SCIF, Data Centre & Control & Operations applications. Its prefabricated construction method allows extensive testing to be carried out to ensure its effectiveness.

PowerCubeTM - These prefabricated solutions are designed for various power applications, including LV switchgear, UPS and battery enclosures and power aggregators. They are constructed to efficiently utilise space to maximise energy efficiency and reduce costs.

CoolCubeTM - These prepackaged data centre cooling solutions offer cooling capacities from 50 kW to 300 kW. Like all of our other modular and mobile technology, they can grow as you do, making them a reliable, long-lasting data centre cooling solution.

All of our available prefabricated modular data centre, telecoms & security products have been designed, engineered and tested by our team of experts to ensure flawless construction and performance in the field.

Once you've chosen which of our prefabricated data centre, telecoms or security products works best for you, we offer a range of services to enhance your solution...

Workspace Technology Data Centre Construction Services:

Traditional Data Centre Construction Services - Workspace Technology can take on your data centre's entire construction process, from design and building work to final decoration and finishes. A lot of our centres are prefabricated for maximum time-saving and efficiency.

Composite Panel Systems - We also offer efficient, additional systems such as our range of pre-engineered composite panels, which have been designed specifically for data centre environments. This expert solution provides you with unmatched protection against heat, fire, water and physical attack, optimising the safety and security of your data centre.

Modusec Composite Panel System - ModuSec is an advanced, leading panel solution that eliminates traditional data centre construction's extensive time and cost requirements.

Data Centre Raise Access Floors - Workspace Technology offers a heavy-duty, robust access floor system to guarantee durability and reliability for data centre and server room environments.

External Construction Services - If you're looking for a one-stop data centre construction and installation, then this Workspace Technology service is perfect for you. We undertake the structural calculations and associated works for external plants, so you don't have to.

For more information on our Data Centre Construction Services, please call our Workspace Technology Sales Team on 0121 354 4849 or click here to contact us.

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