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  • Workspace Technology design and build innovative data centre solutions to tackle the ever-changing world of data storage
  • What makes us such good data centre builders?
  • Enjoy revolutionary technology & infrastructure with our innovative range of prefabricated data centre solutions

Workspace Technology has been designing and building unrivalled data centres since it was founded back in 2004. Our years of experience and expertise allow us to continuously innovate new data centre solutions that are expertly engineered to surpass our client's expectations. By adapting and evolving our technologies, we are able to build market-leading solutions for a range of different industries and applications.

So what makes Workspace Technology good data centre builders:

Workspace Technology has a wide range of industry experience, especially in designing and manufacturing data centres for the ever-changing data industry. Consistent, continuous innovation underpins the design and construction of every single data centre we build to ensure it is suitable for the dynamic world we live in and the changing needs and requirements
of data storage. With this in mind, we then consider the most reliable building materials and design options for efficient, reliable storage of your data.

Since 2004, we have built high-quality data centres for a range of different industries, including defence, healthcare, retail and education, carefully considering their data storage requirements and needs. This allows us to create timeless data centre solutions that work time and time again and guarantee durability, longevity and efficiency for all of our clients. Our world-class quality and attention to detail have proved the winning mixture as we continue to deliver innovative data centre solutions that push the boundaries of modern technology.

Revolutionary Technology & Infrastructure - Workspace Technology Cubes:

At Workspace, we understand the fundamentals of data centre construction, allowing us to experiment and think outside the box when designing and innovating new data centre solutions. This is how we started building our unrivalled technical prefabricated and pre-engineered data centre solutions. Unlike traditional construction methods, our modular and mobile prefabricated solutions are portable systems that are pre-built, tested and commissioned in a controlled environment prior to delivery. This allows for portability and fast deployment, allowing you to maximise the uptime of your operations without the disruption of on-site construction.

Our Workspace Technology Cubes offer you design and assembly flexibility, as they are bespoke buildings and cabins manufactured to suit your exact industry and application needs. With our innovative 'Pay-as-You-Grow' design and infrastructure promoting sustainability, your data centre can grow as you do, making scalability easy and efficient. By building our data centres this way, we are saving you time and money to do what you do best!

The available modular Cubes include:

DataCube - Prefabricated Data Centres
ModularEdge - Edge Data Centres
TelcoCabin - Prefabricated Telecom Cabins
SecureCube - SCIFs and Secure Buildings
PowerCube - Prefabricated Power Data Centre Solutions
CoolCube - Prefabricated Cooling Data Centre Solutions

The future of Workspace Technology will be an exciting time as we continue to deliver innovative data centre solutions that keep you and your operations up to date as modern technology continues to develop. Trust Workspace Technology to build you a data centre that you can rely on, whatever the industry, whatever the application.

For more information on us as data centre builders, please call our Workspace Technology Sales Team on 0121 354 4849 or click here to contact us.

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