Prefabricated Building Solutions

The use of Prefabricated Building technology for Data Centre, Telecoms and Secure Building solutions is growing in popularity as modern companies seek more agile, and faster ways to deploy infrastructure capacity.

Workspace Technology’s Prefabricated Technical Buildings minimise initial capital outlay when deployed for applications such as Data Centre, Telecoms & Secure Building solutions as the technology allows these to be designed and built off-site using modular infrastructure to meet your exact requirements and then delivered on-site when you need them, wherever you need them.

Workspace Technology’s bespoke Prefabricated Building format is ideal where Modular Data Centres, Telecom Cabins and Secure Building installations are ‘static’, and ease of serviceability is paramount.

Bespoke prefabricated modular pods offer a practical and popular alternative to ISO containers, as they have the advantage of offering build widths ranging from 3.0m to 3.6m and lengths between 6m and 14.5m.

Unlike containerised solutions that have limited internal space compromising rack & equipment access and circulation space, bespoke Prefabricated Buildings support flexible layouts which is particularly advantageous for Data Centre, Telecoms Cabin and Secure Building applications allowing layouts to be more aligned with conventional ‘bricks and mortar’ facilities.

Prefabricated Technical Buildings can also be built at our factory and delivered in two half sections, positioned, joined and sealed onsite to form a larger facility. Workspace Technology also offers double stacked configuration options with integrated steel structural supports. This expandability is particularly advantageous for Modular & Mobile Data Centre, Telecoms Cabins and Secure Building / SCIF applications. Prefabricated Technical Buildings can also be positioned in clusters and connected via “link” corridors.

Prefabricated Building Features

Workspace Technology’s design team work closely with clients to develop bespoke Prefabricated Building designs to support individual applications. Depending on requirements building will incorporate a range of features including but not limited to:

  • Removable Structural Lifting Points
  • Removable Floor Service Access Plates to Support Underground Services Connections
  • IP Rated Demountable Perimeter Service Access Box’s
  • Internal Bulk Heads and Partition Walls
  • Integrated Electronic Locking Mechanism
  • Fire Exit Doors To Ensure Building Regs Compliance
  • Integrated Rainwater Gully’s and Down Pipes
  • RAL Colours to Suit Location

Physical Attack Resistance Security - Standard Prefabricated Buildings are manufactured with stitch welded steel skin inner & outer wall panels. Additional expamet can be added during the construction process to provide enhanced security. We also offer LPS1175 certified SR2, SR3 or SR4 rated construction where enhanced cabin physical protection is required. CPNI Certified inner panel systems can be included for ‘SecureCube®’ high security applications.

Fire Rating – All Prefabricated Buildings are constructed with internal layers of fire rated boarding to support a 1 hour fire rating as standard. Enhanced fire resistance can be achieved to suit customer requirements up to and beyond 120mins.

Life Expectancy - All of Workspace Technology’s Prefabricated Building’s are manufactured in the UK and will offer customer a minimum 25 Year Life Expectancy and beyond if properly maintained during its working life.

Flexible Applications - Our Technical Prefabricated Building Products include:

For more information on our full range of prefabricated building service options including Modular Data Centres, Telecoms Cabins, Secure Building / SCIF and Cube products and services, please contact our expert Sales Team today on 0121 354 4894 or send us a message.

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