Modular Data Centre & Buildings

Modular Data Centre & Buildings

In addition to our Prefabricated and Containerised Building range, Workspace Technology also offers Modular construction utilising steel frame structures and composite panel cladding systems.

This modular approach is ideal for the construction of data centres utilising prefabricated and standard manufactured components to provide building blocks that allow your data centre infrastructure to grow in-line with your IT compute requirements, scaling capacity and costs in-line with business growth.

Workspace Technology’s Modular Data Centre solutions can be erected both internally (typically within a large open warehouse) or externally to create a standalone Modular Data Centre building.

Our Modular Data Centre system provides a clean, secure and fast alternative to traditional construction techniques, optimising protection of your IT compute equipment from fire, heat, water, smoke and attack.

Modular Data Centre Configuration Options

Workspace Technology’s Modular Data Centre solutions are bespoke to suit individual client requirements.

Typically, Modular Data Centre buildings are designed to support between 24 and 200 equipment racks with power design densities ranging from 5kW to 60kW depending on the selected cooling technology.

Modular Data Centre security options range from Standard SR1 through to Enhanced SR5, the level dependant on the location, function and regulatory requirements. Enhanced Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) and Tempest Power options are available for the most demanding data centre security requirements.

Typically, Modular Data Centre buildings are delivered complete with; a heavy grade raised access floors, suitable cooling systems, fire suppression & detection, equipment cabinets, critical and standard power distribution, UPS systems, internal inter-cabinet Category 6/6A and Fibre Optical cabling, secure access control, environmental and DCIM management systems along with a range of bespoke infrastructure as specified by the client.

Modular Data Centre Key Features:

  • Server Ready – pre-engineered, and wired ready, for instant deployment of servers.
  • Self-Contained System – complete with cabinets, cooling, Green Gas Fire Suppression, UPS and power distribution.
  • Energy and Environmentally Efficient – designed using Workspace Technology's ‘EcoDesign’ best practice principles to reduce carbon emissions through design and technology.
  • Rapid Deployment – quick and simple with minimum on-site preparation needed, for immediate functionality.
  • Scalable – Modular ‘right size’ designs and configuration.
  • Resilient – N+1 and 2N design implementation options.

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For more information on our full range of Modular Data Centre products and services please contact our Sales Team on 0121 354 4894, or send us a message.

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