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Containerised Data Centre, Data Centre Pods, Telecoms Cabins & SecureCube SCIF’s

IOS Containerised Building Solutions

Containerised Data Centres ISO containers offer a flexible format for Mobile Data Centre’s, Telecoms Cabin’s, Secure Buildings / SCIF’s, Power and Cooling and a wide range of other commercial and defence sector applications. Customised ISO shipping containers are pre-engineered and pre-tested within our Sutton Coldfield production facility before they are shipped to the UK or other global destinations.

The Containerised Technical Building Technology delivers an advantage over the prefabricated alternative where ongoing portability and flexible transportation is paramount. Workspace Technology’s 2.4m wide, ISO Containerised format offers the ideal solution for complete mobility with standard and high bay container lengths ranging from 6m to 12m (20ft / 40ft). ISO Containerised Buildings can by stacked to support expanded applications.

The benefit of a Containerised Data Centre, Telecoms Cabin’s, Secure Building / SCIF’s & Power or Cooling Cubes is that once it has fulfilled its purpose or its capabilities are no longer sufficient for the job in hand, it can be easily removed from the rest of your infrastructure and replaced with relative ease with another one that is fit for purpose.

IOS Containerised Building Features

Workspace Technology’s design team work closely with clients to develop ISO Containerised Building modifications to support individual applications. Standard ISO Containers are used as the base building block for all of our ISO based Containerised Technical Building solutions. Depending on applications requirements container modifications will include but are not limited to:

  • Internal Fire Rated & Insulated Linings To Walls & Ceiling
  • Steel Floor Plating.
  • Modification to Door Arrangements
  • Additional Bolt Down Points
  • Fitting with a range of hook lift skids or tailorized units for enhanced mobility and ease of deployment.
  • Removable Floor Service Access Plates to Support Underground Services Connections
  • IP Rated Demountable Perimeter Service Access Box’s
  • Internal Bulk Heads and Partition Walls
  • Integrated Electronic Locking Mechanism
  • RAL Colours to Suit Location

Physical Attack Resistance Security - Standard ISO Containers are manufactured with stitch welded steel skins. Additional expamet can be added during the inner wall lining process to provide enhanced security.

Fire Rating – All ISO Containers will be lined with fire rated boarding to support 30mins fire rating as standard. Enhanced fire resistance can be achieved to suit customer requirements up to 120mins.

Life Expectancy - All of Workspace Technology’s Containerised Buildings are modified in the UK and will offer customer a minimum 20 Year Life Expectancy and beyond if properly maintained during its working life.

Flexible Applications - Our Technical Prefabricated Building Products include:

For more information on our full range of ISO Containerised Modular Data Centre, Telecoms Cabins, Secure Buildings / SCIF & Specialist or Bespoke Applications please contact our Sales Team on 0121 354 4894 or send us a message.

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