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Containerised Data Centre

Containerised Data Centre from Workspace Technology

  • What is a Containerised Data Centre & when are they usually implemented?
  • The benefits of a Containerised Data Centre
  • What Containerised Data Centres do Workspace Technology offer?

What is a Containerised Data Centre?

A Containerised Data Centre is a modular solution that encompasses all of the critical systems of a full-sized data facility into a flexible, mobile, deployable unit. A Containerised Data Centre can be used as a temporary or permanent solution for housing deployments of low, medium and high-density server hardware. They are typically implemented when your existing data centre infrastructure is nearing maximum capacity as an alternative to designing and building an additional bricks and mortar data centre.

What are the Benefits of Containerised Data Centre?

  • Additional Flexibility - Containerised Data Centres offer more flexibility to your operations by providing an efficient solution that can be moved or extended as and when you need it to be, allowing it to grow as you do.
  • Quick Deployment - Due to Containerised Data Centres being pre-engineered and pre-tested at Workspace Technology's facility, they are ready-to-send, enabling fast and efficient deployment. This reduces the time and money that would be spent on constructing a traditional data facility, minimising any operational downtime.
  • Bespoke to your Industry & Operational Needs - Owing to the nature of Containerised Data Centres, they are suitable for low to very high-density server requirements, making them applicable to a range of different organisation sizes. Workspace Technology is also able to tailor kW density, equipment rack count and security measures to your specific industry requirements to make your modular data centre the perfect fit for your operations.

Workspace Technology's Containerised Data Centres:

Workspace Technology’s build options include both Prefabricated and Containerised buildings, supporting flexible formats for Mobile Data Centres, Secure Buildings/SCIFs, Telecoms Cabins and Power and Cooling Pods. These customisable Prefabricated and ISO Containerised Building solutions are thoroughly tested at our production facility before they are shipped.

Format selection will depend on application, Prefabricated buildings offer bespoke scaleable building sizes vs. ISO Containerised Data Centres that have the advantage of ongoing flexibility and portability. We work closely with our clients to consistently develop our Containerised Technical Building solutions to ensure they can be adapted for a range of industries and applications.

Some of the innovative features/modifications of our Prefabricated & ISO Containerised Data Centres include:

  • Removable floor service access plates to support underground service connections
  • Internal fire rated & insulated linings to walls & ceiling
  • Fittings with a range of hook lift skids or tailored units for enhanced mobility & ease of deployment
  • Integrated electronic locking mechanism
  • RAL colours to suit location

These Containerised Data Centres are also fully equipped with physical attack-resistant security, fire rating and a minimum life expectancy of 20 years. Once your Prefabricated or ISO Building has fulfilled its purpose or its capabilities are no longer sufficient for your industry or applications, it can easily be removed from the rest of your infrastructure and replaced with another system that meets your new needs.

To find out more about all the features of our ISO Containerised Buildings, please visit here. For more information on Workspace Technology's range of Containerised Data Centres, please call our expert Sales Team on 0121 354 4849 or click here to contact us.

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