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Green Data Centre with EcoDesignTM

We introduced EcoDesignTM in 2008 to assist businesses with reducing their carbon footprint through the integration of energy efficient technology and design regarding the infrastructure of Modular Data Centres, Server Rooms and Telecoms Rooms.

Based on a set of ‘common sense’ design principles, when EcoDesignTM is intelligently deployed it will positively contribute to the energy efficiency and performance of your Modular Data Centre or Telecoms Cabin facility.

With an increase in energy required to power our thirst for modern innovative technology, such as the integration of Internet of Things (IoT) and hyperscale edge technology and 5G, we are facing a growing challenge as contributors to carbon emissions. As greenhouse gas emissions grow, businesses can no longer ignore the need to become more energy efficient. The goal for modern businesses must be to decrease energy consumption and promote green powder wherever possible.

EcoDesignTM will deliver a measurable reduction in your power consumption, thus delivering our clients with a ‘Total Carbon Reduction Commitment’ to their prefabricated infrastructure project.

As more innovative and sustainable technology becomes available, we will ensure that we continually review the effectiveness of our approach and update our EcoDesignTM strategy so that our clients’ technical infrastructure is as energy efficient as possible.


Our brochure contains a more in-depth overview of our green data centre and green modular building EcoDesignTM approach, however, if you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.