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Prefabricated Technical Building – Fire Suppression

Fire can be a major threat to a business and the loss of all your valuable data can have devastating consequences if that fire occurs in your data centre or telecoms cabin.

To prevent this nightmare from occurring, the solution is the integration of a robust and reliable fire suppression system within your Prefabricated Data Centre.

The main goal is to prevent a fire occurring, but should a fire break out in your prefabricated facility, the need to be notified as soon as possible and for it to be extinguished immediately with no damage to your data or people is of paramount importance.

Very Early Prefabricated Data Centre Smoke Detection (VESDA)

Workspace Technology offers Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA) systems with enhanced protection using laser sampling which recognises early signs of possible combustion long before any fire suppression system would be activated. VESDA systems are ideal for our complete range of Prefabricated Data Centres and Telecoms Housings. Where direct evaporative Freecool® technology is deployed VESDA systems can be configured to monitor air quality and can be used to switchover to closed-loop backup systems where installed.

Prefabricated Technical Housing Fire Suppression Systems

To eradicate the potential of fire within Prefabricated structures, Workspace Technology provides a range of environmentally friendly 'Zero' Ozone Depletion based fire suppression gaseous agents which can be installed complete with appropriate detection and alarming systems.

Prefabricated Data Centre / Telecoms / PowerCube fire suppression options include;

Novec 1230

Novec fire suppression agent is ideal for smaller Prefabricated installations and offers choice for those clients who prefer a greener alternative to FM200.

Like FM200, Novec 1230 gas benefits from a reduced volume, making it easier to locate bottles in order to minimise the impact of limited floor space that often is available within a Prefabricated Data Centre, Telecoms Cabin or PowerCube space. This system has an ozone depletion potential rating of zero and will break down in the atmosphere in only five days, thus providing an extremely low global warming potential.

IG-55 Prolnert 

ProInert (IG-55) is one of the most environmentally friendly gaseous fire extinguishant on the market. The inert gas blend in ProInert IG55 is naturally occurring, which means it has zero ozone depletion and zero global warming potential.

Because of its unique patented valve assembly, the ProInert IG55 agent enters the protected room within the industry required 60 seconds, but at a steady flow rate which prevents destructive turbulence from occurring.

Due to the higher volume of gas agent and associated fire suppression cylinders, IG55 gas is suitable for larger Data Centre, Telecoms Cabin or PowerCube environments.

Room Sealing and Integrity Testing

To ensure that the fabric of the Prefabricated Technical Building including Data Centre and Telecoms Cabins can retain protective gases required for effective extinguishing, a room integrity test will be carried out as part of the system commissioning. As part of the fire suppression deployment, we will undertake all electrical, room sealing and building works providing a complete turnkey solution.

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