Modular Data Centre Cooling SolutionsWorkspace Technology offers a range of flexible cooling options for its Modular & Mobile Data Centre technology including:

  • Freecool® Direct Adiabatic Evaporative Free Air Cooling
  • Perimeter Cooling (CRAC) Technology
  • InRow Modular Cooling
  • Heat Exchange / Rear Rack Door Cooling

Modular & Mobile Data Centre cooling selection is based on a number of factors including; pod format (Prefabricated, Containerised or Modular), equipment rack power densities, environmental and energy efficiency as well as on client preferences.

Workspace Technology provides a comprehensive turnkey cooling design and installation service as part of our Modular & Mobile Data Centre solutions including all indoor air handling systems, chilled water / refrigeration pipework, ductwork and all supporting mechanical services plant. We also offer a range of high efficiency chillers with free air-cooling options ranging from adiabatic coolers, dry coolers and cooling tower systems.

Modular & Mobile Data Centre Cooling Features:

  • Supports 5kW to 60kW Equipment Rack Densities
  • Complete Turnkey Design & Installation Service
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • N, N+1 and 2N System Resilience

Mobile Data Centre Cooling & Airflow Management Solutions offered include:

Freecool®Evaporative Free Air Cooling

Freecool® Evaporative Free Air Cooling (Link to Freecool Resources Page)
Workspace Technology’s innovative low energy evaporative free air Freecool® technology is ideal for Prefabricated and Containerised Mobile Data Centre solutions. Freecool® evaporative free air-cooling technology helps reduce ongoing power consumption, delivering Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) ratings of <1.09, significantly better than industry averages.

Freecool® Evaporative Free Air Cooling is a popular choice for Workspace Technology’s Mobile Data Centre technology offering a range of configuration options and a choice of direct and indirect airflow configurations.

Multi-Denco & Ultra-Denco Perimeter CRAC Units 

FläktGroups' latest generation Multi-Denco® and Ultra-Denco® full function close control perimeter cooling systems offer excellent flexible cooling solutions that are ideal for Prefabricated Mobile Data Centre and Modular Data Centre build options.

Through good design practice, next generation low energy CRAC units will deliver excellent PUE performances (sub 1.25). Mobile Data Centre designs maximise efficiency of airflow by using ‘hot corridors’, aisle containment, underfloor air barriers and blanking panels.

Denco Perimeter CRAC unit selections include Direct Exchange, CombiCool (DX and Freecool) and Chilled Waters with Net-Sensible capacities ranging from 10kW to 120kW.

By deploying a combination of Denco Perimeter Cooling and Freecool® Evaporative Free Air-Cooling technology exceptional Mobile Data Centre performance and system reliability can be achieved.

Close Coupled Mobile Data Centre Cooling Options.

Workspace Technology also offers a number of Close Coupled cooling options that suit a number of Mobile Data Centre applications including Containerised and High-Density cooling demands.

ColdLogik Rear Rack Cooling Systems - where high-density rack cooling is required; Rear Rack Cooling or Rear Door Heat Exchanger technology provides an ideal solution replacing the traditional approach to data centre cooling. Rear Rack systems support loads of up to 58 kW per cabinet.

InRow Schneider Electric (APC) Cooling - Based on the principle of moving the cooling unit closer to the source of heat generation, InRow computer room air conditioning technology by APC provides energy efficient cooling for server room, computer room and data centre environments.

Mobile Data Centre Aisle Containment & Airflow

An integral part of any Modular & Mobile Data Centre cooling strategies and the management of airflow. This is particularly challenging in Prefabricated and Containerised Data Centres with limited circulation space.

Workspace Technology’s Modular & Mobile Data Centres typically, include innovative layout designs which incorporate integrated walls which form ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ corridors which naturally segregate hot and cold airflows. Integrated pod walls are combined with conventional Aisle Containment, Brush Strips, Airflow Baffles and Blanking Plates in order to provide maximum airflow efficiency for our Mobile Data Centre installations.

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