Modular Data Centre Construction Workspace Technology will 'create data centre technical space' through planning, design and a range of data centre construction services.

Uniquely Workspace Technology provides modular designs to match any physical or technical requirement providing the most comprehensive range of Mobile & Modular Data Centre Pods available.

This agile approach ensures a modular data centre construction that will suit your requirements, and enables your organisation to closely couple data centre expansion and associated capital investment with ICT capacity.

Modular & Mobile Data Centre Pod technology can also be deployed to support a wide range of applications including expansion to existing ‘bricks and mortar’ data centre infrastructure.

Workspace Technology’s Modular & Mobile Data Centre Pod architecture allows installations to be pre-engineered, tested and commissioned prior to delivery with only final onsite commissioning required which can be deployed as standalone units or within existing buildings.

Mobile Data Centre Construction Formats

Workspace Technology offers three Mobile Data Centre Construction formats as detailed below:

Prefabricated Data Centre - Where installations are ‘static’ and ease of serviceability is paramount, bespoke prefabricated manufactured modular data centre pods with widths ranging from 3.0m to 3.6m and lengths from 6m to 12m Prefabricated Data Centres offer a practical cost effective alternative to ISO containers. Typical rack counts range from 6 to 24, scaling with the deployment of multiple pods.

Containerised Data Centre - Where ongoing portability and flexible transportation is paramount, Workspace Technology’s 2.4m wide, ISO containerised data centre format offers the ideal solution with lengths ranging from 6m to 12m (20ft / 40ft). Typical rack counts range from 4 to 8 where power and cooling systems are fully integrated.

Modular Data Centre Building Construction - Modular Data Centre construction utilises steel frame structures and composite panel cladding systems and can be erected both internally typically within a large open warehouse or externally to create a standalone Modular Data Centre building with rack counts ranging from 24 to >200.

Mobile Data Centre Pod Security Ratings

Workspace Technology offers certified security levels for Data Centre Pods that range from SR1 to SR5 providing physical protection against a forced attack from a varying degree of tools.

LPS 1175 SR1-SR2:  1min attack in 10min test / 3min attack in 15min test -Opportunist attack
LPS1175 SR3:  5min attack in 20min test - Forced entry with small manual tools
LPS1175 SR4:  10min attack in 30min test - Experienced attack with higher level tools
LPS1175 SR5:  10min in 30min test - Serious attack with high end battery powered tools
EN 1627/1630:  15min in 40min test - Serious attack with high end mains powered tools

Test Criteria: To cut a body sized hole for entry 400mm x 225mm with the designated toolset in time set for the standard.

Mobile Data Centre Construction Architecture

'All-In-One' Data Centre Pod

Our All-In-One autonomous Modular Data Centre Pod is the most popular configuration and is based on a complete self-contained data centre or telecoms room facility including equipment racks, power, cooling, UPS systems and infrastructure ready to 'rack and stack' your ICT technology. The All-In-One units will typically support 8 to 12 equipment racks with design densities ranging from 5kW to 30kW depending on the construction i.e. Prefabricated or Containerised.

With a typical factory build lead-time of 12 weeks, the Prefabricated All-in-One solution provides best in class technology and offers performance configurations optimised for power and density allowing you to adapt the capacity of your physical infrastructure quickly.

Rack Data Centre Pod

Our Rack Data Centre Pod provides the fundamental building block for Modular & Mobile Data Centre deployments.

The Rack Data Centre Pod is designed to support low, medium and high-density rack applications. Typically, Rack Data Centre Pods can support 8 to 200 equipment racks with design densities ranging from 5kW to 60kW depending on the Construction i.e. Prefabricated, Containerised or Modular. Where Prefabricated or Containerised options are used rack counts can be scaled deploying multiple pods to suit individual data centre requirements.

The Rack Data Centre Pod may also include all of the supporting service functions including power, mechanical cooling and UPS systems. Depending on the scale and architecture additional supporting M&E Service Data Centre Pods may also form part of the solution.

M&E Service Data Centre Pods

Workspace Technology’s approach to Modular & Mobile Data Centre Construction is simple. We provide a selection of standalone core data centre infrastructure Service pods that can be combined to create a complete Shared Services Infrastructure System. Core M&E Service Data Centre Pod systems include the following;

  • Power Services Data Centre Pod
  • Mechanical Services Data Centre Pod
  • UPS - Critical Power Data Centre Pod

M&E Service Data Centre Pods can be deployed and interconnected in several topologies depending on the ‘tier’ rating of the data centre facility. These can be scaled to meet data centre design demands with pod capacities ranging from 160kW, 250kW, 500kW to 1000kW.

Additional core service pods can be installed in parallel or in an independent circuit to support any required expansion for the modular data centre installation.

For more information on our full range of Mobile Data Centre products and services please contact our Sales Team on 0121 354 4894, or send us a message.

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