Mobile Data Centre Solutions by Workspace Technology Ltd

Mobile Data Centre Solutions by Workspace Technology offer a unique range of flexible and efficient ‘server ready’ Prefabricated Modular & Mobile Data Centre technology suited for a wide range of uses including data centre and telecoms applications.

Unlike traditional bricks and mortar where relocation is not possible, our modular and mobile data centre solutions allow for portability and flexibility.

Our Modular & Mobile Data Centre (MDC) architecture allows pods to be pre-engineered, tested and commissioned prior to delivery. This agile approach allows your organisation to closely couple data centre expansion and associated capital investment in line with ICT capacity. Our range of Mobile Data Centre solutions will deliver power and cooling for the most demanding of applications whilst helping to protect ICT from hazards.

This scalable approach reduces data centre deployment from years and months to weeks, providing a pay-as-you-grow infrastructure to match your compute requirements whilst bringing your data closer to the source; improving latency speeds, control and accessibility.


  • Cost Effective -Typically, a MDC solution will reduce overall capital expenditure by over 40%.
  • Server Ready – Pre-engineered, wired ready for instant deployment of servers.
  • Rapid System Deployment – Quick and simple with minimum onsite preparation needed, for immediate functionality.
  • Scalable – Modular ‘right size’ designs and configuration.
  • Pre-Engineered  Mobile Data Centre Technology for ‘Plug and Play’ Deployment.
  • Future Proofed ‘Pay-as-You-Grow’ Infrastructure.
  • Re-deployable and Reusable different locations when required.
  • All-in-One – Self-Contained System complete with cabinets, cooling, Green Gas Fire Suppression, UPS and power distribution.
  • Low Energy – Creates an environmentally greener data centre environment.

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Workspace Technology aims to deliver competitive advantage to our clients through the design and implementation of agile, quality and expertly engineered data centre infrastructure solutions. From bespoke full-scale design and build projects to modular, prefabricated and micro data centre solutions, we work alongside our clients from a variety of sectors to deliver ‘fit for purpose’ systems that far exceed their expectations.

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